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God's Called Out Assembly

The Meaning of the Word "Church"   Lesson 1

What Were the Members of the Church Called?

1. Believers   Lesson 2
2. Saints  
Lesson 3
3. Brethren  
Lesson 4
4. Disciples  
Lesson 5
5. Christians  
Lesson 6

Who Is Invited to Become a Member of the Church?

1. All Are Invited   Lesson 7
2. Geographical Location Makes No Difference  
Lesson 8
3. Nationality Makes No Difference 
Lesson 9

a. Jews   Lesson 9
b. Gentiles  
Lesson 9
c. Samaritans  
Lesson 9
d. The Forward Progress of the Gospel to All Nations  
Lesson 10

i. To the Jews First   Lesson 10

Who Really Crucified Christ?   Lesson 10

ii. To the Samaritans   Lesson 11
iii. To the Gentiles  
Lesson 11

4.  Race Makes No Difference   Lesson 12
5.  Sex Makes No Difference  
Lesson 12
6.  Age Makes No Difference  
Lesson 12
7.  Position or Social Status Makes No Difference  
Lesson 13
8.  Education Makes No Difference  
Lesson 13

What Must I Do to Become a Member of Christ's Church?

1. I Must REPENT   Lesson 14
Lesson 15
3. I Must BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ  
Lesson 16

Thinking About the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12)   Lesson 17

The Church Ordinances - Baptism and Communion   Lesson 18

Membership in the Local Church   Lesson 19

The Witness of the Church   Lesson 20

The Enemies of the Church   Lesson 21

The Removal of the Church (The Rapture)   Lesson 22


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