Lesson 6



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According to Acts11:26 (compare Acts 26:28 and 1 Peter 4:16), what were the members of the Church called? ____________________ What Name (made up of six letters) do you find in this word? ___________________ Christianity is not a RELIGION (man trying to DO things to please GOD) but it is a RELATIONSHIP to a PERSON (who has already DONE the work necessary to save sinful men--John 19:30) and this PERSON’S name is C_____________.  Those who have a personal relationship with this PERSON are called  C_____________________.

CHRISTIANS are believers and followers of CHRIST, the Messiah.

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"We belong to CHRIST, the Son of God!" (see Matthew 16:16 and Galatians 2:20).

In Acts 11:26 we learn that "the DISCIPLES __________      ______________ CHRISTIANS first in Antioch." Who gave them this name? Does the verse say that the disciples CALLED THEMSELVES Christians? _______ They did not give themselves this name, but they WERE CALLED "Christians" by the unsaved people who lived in Antioch. As the unsaved world looked at these disciples, they were forced to THINK about CHRIST.  When they thought about these disciples it made them think about CHRIST. Therefore they gave them the name "CHRISTIANS."

What about YOU? Can people look at your life and tell that you have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with CHRIST? Do you live in such a way that people know that you belong to the SON OF GOD? When people think of you, do they think of CHRIST? A true CHRISTIAN is a person who is able to say what Paul said in Galatians 2:20. Paul had a LIVING and PERSONAL relationship with the Son of God! Do you have such a relationship? Can others see CHRIST living in you?

Suppose one of your friends were to ask you this question: "What is a CHRISTIAN?" How would you answer this question? Suppose someone else were to ask you, "What religion do you belong to?" How could you answer this person in a way that would help him (or her) to see the difference between RELIGION and CHRISTIANITY?   See our study entitled, The Difference Between Religion And Christianity.  

How can a person become a CHRISTIAN (compare Acts 26:20 with Acts 26:28)?

Think again of the word...


If you remove "CHRIST" from this word, what three letters remain:  _____     _____    _____

According to the following acrostic, these three letters stand for...




I am a Christian, and without Christ I am nothing!  Compare John 15:5.

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