Lesson 7


All Are Invited to be Members
of Christ's Church

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All are invited! The following verses teach us that every single person without exception is invited to be a member of the church of God:

  1. Acts 2:21-- "____________________ shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."
    Acts 2:38-- "Repent, and be baptized   E____________     _______    _____    Y_____"
  2. Acts 4.:10,12-- "Be it known unto you _________, and to ______ the people of Israel, that by the name, of Jesus Christ of Nazareth .... Neither is there salvation in any other; for there is no other name..."
  3. Acts 10:43-- "That through His name ___________________ believeth in Him shall receive remission (forgiveness) of sins."
  4. Acts 13:39--"And by Him  ________ that believe are justified from all things."
  5. Acts 17:30--"But now (God) commandeth  A_____   _______    ____________________ to repent."
  6. Romans 1:16--"it (the gospel of Christ) is the power of God unto salvation to ___________________ that believeth."
  7. Romans 3:22--"Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto _______  and upon  _______  them that believe."
  8. Romans 10:11-13--"___________________ believeth on Him shall not be ashamed...for the same Lord over _______ is rich unto ______ that call upon Him. For ______________________ shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."
  9. Revelation 3:20--"if  _______    _______ hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him."
  10. Revelation 22:17--"And let him that is athirst come. And ____________________    ________, let him take of the water of life freely."

          See also John 3:15-17; 4:14; 6:51; 7:37; 10:9; 11:26.

Would you consider yourself a "WHOSOEVER"? ______   Do you consider yourself part of the group called "all men everywhere" (Acts 17:30)? ________ Would you consider yourself part of the group called "any man" (anyone)--Revelation 3:20? _______ Are you included in the group called "every one" (Romans 1:16)? ______  Therefore, have YOU been invited to be a member of God’s Church? _____ Have you accepted this invitation?  ______ Are you saved and a member of His Church?  ______

According to Revelation 22:17, who will accept (respond to) God’s gracious invitation? (circle the correct answer):

  1. Every single man and woman and boy and girl on the face of the earth.
  2. All those who are invited will come.
  3. Only those who are THIRSTY and who TAKE of the water of life (compare, Isaiah 55:1 and John 4:10-14).
  4. No one will come.

As you compare Romans 3:22 (the end of the verse) with Romans 10:12 (the beginning of the verse) you will discover that the same phrase (made up of five words) is found in each of these verses. Please WRITE that phrase:  F_____    ____________    _____    ______    D___________________ As you compare these same two verses, there is another small word which is found two times in each of these verses. Please WRITE that word:  A_____   Therefore we can say this: GOD INVITES A_____ MEN (AND WOMEN AND. BOYS AND GIRLS) TO BE MEMBERS OF HIS CHURCH, FOR T________   _____   _____   D__________________.  The meaning is as follows:  When it comes to sin, there is no difference because all men have sinned.  When it comes to salvation, there is no difference because all men are invited to be saved.   Everyone needs Christ.  Christ died for everyone.  Everyone is invited to come to Christ!  There is no difference.  We all have the same problem and we all have the same solution, God's only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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