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How can I contact the Middletown Bible Church?   Contact Us


How can I e-mail you?  E-mail us


How can I learn more about the Middletown Bible Church?   General Information


How can I learn about knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour?  Help for the Seeking Heart


What kind of church do you desire to be?  About us


What is your doctrinal statement?  Statement of Faith


How can I learn about various doctrines of the Christian faith?  Doctrinal Studies


How can I learn about Bible prophecy?  Prophecy


When are your worship services?  Worship Services


How can I find directions to your church?  Directions


How can I order literature from you?  Literature Ministry


What Sunday School materials do you have available?  Sunday School Materials


What new Bible studies and articles have been place on your website recently?  What's New?


How can I listen to audio messages?  Audio Messages


How can I ask you a Bible question?  Bible Question?


Do you have Bible Conferences I could attend?  Bible Conference Ministry


I know a person who is in prison. How can I help him spiritually?  Prison Ministry


How can I help a person who is a new believer?  New Believers


Do you have Bible studies for Spanish speaking people?  Estudios Bíblicos en español


What resources do you have for reaching children with the good news?  Bible Line for Children


How can a church put gospel messages in the newspaper?  Newspaper Messages


Bible Questions and Doctrinal Questions




What is God's simple plan of salvation?  Salvation As Taught in the Bible and Dear Friend


How can I learn the basics of salvation?  New Believers


Am I a True Believer?


Is there a Bible study that I can give to a person when I give him a Gospel of John?  Gospel of John Bible Study


Are there many ways to heaven?  Are There Many Ways To Heaven?


What is the difference between religion and Christianity?


What do I need to know about death?  Plain Talk on Death


Is salvation based on what I have done or on what Christ as done?  DO or DONE?


What is God's plan of salvation just using Old Testament verses? (Good for your Jewish friends)  Message to Israel


What is the relationship between good works and salvation?  The Relationship Between Good Works and Salvation


What are the 215 Things That are True of Me Now That I am Saved?


Why does 1 John 1:9 teach that a saved person needs to be forgiven?  Isn't he already forgiven?  Two Aspects of Forgiveness


What are the problems with "Lordship salvation"?  Saved By Grace Alone


What is the true gospel (good news)?  The Glorious Gospel of the Blessed God


What is the difference between salvation and discipleship?  SALVATION and DISCIPLESHIP


What Is Faith?


Does Water Baptism Save?


If a baby dies, will he go to heaven?  What We Can Learn From the Bible Concerning Infant Salvation


Can a true believer lose his salvation?  Eternal Security


What is one reason why believers often struggle with assurance of salvation?


Justification by Faith and Justification by Works--Did James Contradict Paul?


How can I learn about salvation from the book of Romans?  The Epistle to the Romans


Doctrinal Studies


How do we know the Bible is true?  The Bible


Is Jesus Christ really God?   The Deity of Christ


Did the Lord Jesus exist prior to Bethlehem?  The Pre-existence of the Son


Is the Trinity really taught in the Bible?  The Trinity


Is evolution really true?  Science, the Scriptures and the Saviour


May the Name Jehovah be Correctly Applied to the Lord Jesus?


Is Jesus Christ the eternal Son of God or did He become the Son when He was born?  The Doctrine of the Eternal Sonship of Christ


How can I learn about the key events in the life of Christ?  The Life of Christ


How do you explain the empty tomb?  The Resurrection of Christ


Is the Charismatic Movement Biblical?  The Modern Charismatic Movement


What does the Bible teach about speaking in tongues?  God's Gift of Tongues


Does the Believer Have Two Natures?


What does the Bible teach regarding homosexuality?  Homosexuality


Does the command "Thou shalt not kill" forbid all killing?


What does the Bible teach regarding capital punishment?  Capital Punishment


Who is the Angel of the LORD?


How can I understand all the modern trends and doctrinal positions of our day?  A Clarifying Statement on Modern Trends and Positions


If we love people, should we put aside our doctrinal differences?  The Importance of Doctrine and The True Biblical Concept of Love


How can I grasp the basic doctrines of the Bible?  Basic Doctrines of the Bible


What studies would you recommend that cover the basic teachings of the Bible?  Hundreds of Bible Studies


Bible Study


Where can I find hundreds of Bible studies?  Hundreds of Bible Studies


Where can I find Spanish Bible studies?  Estudios Bíblicos en Español


How can I do word studies?


How can I read through the Bible in a year or in two years?   Bible Reading Schedule


How can I learn basic facts about the Bible?  The Book of Books


How can I learn about the Old Testament books?   Old Testament Books


How can I learn about the New Testament books?   New Testament Books


How can I understand Bible times and customs?


How did we get our Bible?



The Christian Life


What is the difference between a believer's standing and state?  The Believer's Standing and State


How can I live the Christian life?  The Christian Life and Spiritual Life


How can I be filled with the Spirit?  A Vital Message For Every Believer


Why do I need to confess my sins?  Nothing Between My Soul and the Saviour


How can I overcome a crisis in my life?  The Procedure for Conquering the Crisis


What should my outlook be if I have cancer?  Cancer and the Christian Life


How is Your Heart?


Is modesty important?  Modesty


How can I live a separated life?  Sanctification--What Does the Bible Teach, Part 1




How can I understand what will take place in the future?  Prophecy--Preview of Coming Events


Can the Jews Be Destroyed?


How can I learn about the rapture?  Some Questions on the Rapture


Will The Church Go Through The Tribulation?


Why is the Pre-Wrath rapture view unbiblical?  Pre-wrath Confusion


Can a person who rejects the gospel prior to the rapture be saved during the tribulation?


Will there be one general judgment or several different judgments?  The Five Judgments


What is the difference between Israel and the Church?  A Comparison and Contrast Between Israel and the Church


Has the great tribulation already taken place?  The Great Tribulation - Future or Fulfilled?


Did the Lord's "Coming In His Kingdom" Take Place in 70 A.D.?


Is there a real hell?  Hell




What is dispensationalism?  Introduction to Dispensationalism


How can I learn about the dispensations?  Shedding Light on Dispensations


What are the fruits of dispensationalism?


What false charges have been made against dispensationalism?


What does it mean to rightly dividing the word of truth?


When Did The Church Begin?


Is the Sermon on the Mount for the Church today?  The Sermon On The Mount


Was the Kingdom postponed?  The Postponement of the Kingdom


What is the Believer's Rule of Life?


How is the term "Israel" used in the N.T


Do I Interpret the Bible Literally?


What are the problems with Reformed Theology?


Problems of Reformed Theology


What are the dangers of Reformed Theology?


Should We Go Back to the Reformation?


For Whom Did Christ Die?


The Cross-Work of Christ - Is It Limited or Unlimited?


Does the Bible teach both God's sovereignty and man's responsibility?  God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility


Is God willing to save all men?  God's Willingness and Man's Unwillingness


Does Regeneration Precede Faith?


Is FAITH the "gift of God" in Ephesians 2:8-9?


Does Regeneration Precede Faith?


Did the Saviour Pay the Penalty for our Sins Prior to the Cross?


Is Lordship salvation taught in the Bible?  Saved By Grace Alone


Was Charles Spurgeon saved by a Lordship gospel?  Charles Spurgeon and Lordship Salvation


The Church


What does it mean to be a member of Christ's body?  Thinking About the Body of Christ


What is The Purpose of Local Church?


What is the difference between talents and gifts?


How can I be a healthy member of the body of Christ?  Being A Healthy Believer


Why is local church membership important?   Membership in the Local Church


What is a "mega church"?  The Mega Church Compared To and Contrasted With the Bible Believing Church


What are the enemies of the church?  Ten Enemies of the Church


Christian Home and Family


How can we have an effective time of family worship?  The Family Altar


Should a believing wife obey her unsaved husband in all things?


What is God's description of a godly woman?  The Virtuous Woman


What are the Biblical responsibilities of believing husbands?


Missions and Evangelism


Which is more important--the salvation of souls or the glory of God?  The Glory of God and Evangelism


What is God's primary purpose?  God's Primary Purpose


What is a Witness?


How can I win souls for Christ?  Personal Evangelism


How has the Great Commission been misunderstood?  What the Great Commission Is Not


Are the Heathen Lost? (see especially the discussion under Romans 1:19-23)


Why do we love the Jew?   Our Love for the Jews


Biblical Separation


What does the Bible teach concerning Biblical separation?  The Biblical Doctrine of Separation


Why is SEPARATION UNTO important?  The Beauty of Separation


Why have their been divisions in church history?  Lessons from History


Why is doctrine important?  The Importance of Doctrine


Does Doctrinal Purity Hinder the Cause of Missions?


How can I understand modern trends and positions?


What are the problems of ecumenical evangelism?


What is New (Neo) Evangelicalism?


What is the difference between liberalism and Biblical Christianity?




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