Bible Times and Customs

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  1. Introduction to Bible Customs [PDF Format]   [Cover Page PDF]
  2. Bible Measurements [PDF Format]
  3. Eating and Dressing [PDF Format]
  4. Transportation and Communication [PDF Format]
  5. Music and Sports  [PDF Format]
  6. Farming [PDF Format]
  7. Plants and Trees [PDF Format]
  1. Animals [PDF Format]
  2. Occupations [PDF Format]
  3. Money and Minerals [PDF Format]
  4. Houses for Men and a House for God [PDF Format]
  5. The Nations and Their Gods [PDF Format]
  6. Special Days (Holidays and Holy Days) [PDF Format]

These Bible studies are published by the MIDDLETOWN BIBLE CHURCH, 349 East Street, Middletown, Connecticut 06457 (U.S.A.). Our phone is (860) 346-0907or E-mail Us. When using these study sheets it is best to use a King James Version Bible in order to avoid confusion. It is our desire that these studies from God's Word would be helpful to point you in the direction of the one true God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. May you come to know Him in a personal way! May you be encouraged to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him! 1 Peter 2:2; 2 Peter 3:18

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