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The first part of this study is adapted from Dr. Alva McClain’s notes, revised by Dr. John Whitcomb and Ivan French, and used by permission of Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana.  This is one of the finest studies ever produced on the deity of Christ, and every student of the Scriptures should master this material.

1)  Names are Applied to Christ Which can be Applied Properly Only to One Who is God.
2)  Attributes are Predicated of Christ that Could Belong Only to One Who is God.
3)  Works are Done by Christ Which Only God Can Do.
4)  Worship is Rendered to Christ Which Belongs Only to the True God.
5)  Claims are Made by Christ For Himself Which Could be True Only of One Who is God.
6)  Indirect Testimony to the Deity of Christ.


The last part of this study is written by George Zeller and provides some help with respect to the erroneous teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses.  Jehovah's Witnesses deny that the Lord Jesus Christ is God and they deny that He is Jehovah.  They teach instead that He is a mere creature, an exalted angel that God created.  They wrongly teach that He was the first creature that God created, and then God, through Him, created everything else.

7) May the Name Jehovah be Correctly Applied to the Lord Jesus?
8) Jehovah’s Witnesses Violate their own Translation Rule.
9) The Full Deity of the Angel of the Lord (A major problem for Jehovah's Witnesses)
10) A Grossly Misleading Translation (John 1:1) by Julius Mantey


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