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Let Me Not Wander, Not Even the Slightest Bit (Psalm 119:10)  - Devotional Thought

How is Your Reception? - Devotional Thought

The Consistent Courage of Caleb - Devotional Thought

Resurrection Surprises - Devotional Thought

The Resurrection Predicted Hundreds of Years in Advance - Devotional Thought

Which is Easier? (Mark 2:1-12) - Devotional Thought

Painful Omniscience - Devotional Thought

Christ is Everything! - Devotional Thought

Not So Happy Birthdays! (Pharaoh and Herod) - Devotional Thought

Beholding Him! (Psalm 27:4) - Devotional Thought

Learning From a Little Child (Matthew 18:2-4) - Devotional Thought

Conversations With Myself! - Devotional Thought

Replacement Theology - 13-page paper exposing this most serious error

Going Above and Beyond (Rebecca's Example, Genesis 24) - Devotional Thought

The Devil's Lie (With Respect to God's Will for my Life) - Devotional Thought

The Abiding Guilt of Joseph's Brothers - Devotional Thought

The Dilemma of the Evil Within (Mark 7:21-23) - Devotional Thought

Adorning the Doctrine of our God and Saviour (Titus 2:10) - Devotional Thought

The Significance of a Little Greek Word ("without") - Devotional Thought

The Jews - Why Are They So Hated?

A Dilemma That Only God Could Solve! Proverbs 17:15 (Justification) - Devotional Thought

Starting From Scratch (Jeremiah and William Carey) - Devotional Thought

Priorities - Choose You This Day!  - Devotional Thought

Weak and Strong; Strong and Weak - Devotional Thought

The Indispensable Spirit - Devotional Thought

What is My Relationship to the Truth? - Devotional Thought

Can a Christian Be Carnal?

Verse by Verse Study in the Book of Acts by Dr. John Whitcomb - Complete through Chapter 17

Baits and Hooks  - Object lesson to warn about temptations

Book of Romans Salvation Bible Study [booklet format]- An 8-page simple fill-in-the-blanks study of God's plan of salvation using only the book of Romans

Being Thankful FOR WHAT? - Bible examples of what people are to be thankful for

Our Blessed Savior! One Person Having Two Natures - Our Savior Was Fully God and Fully Man

John 17:3 - Does John 17:3 Prove That Jesus Is Not God? --A Jehovah's Witness Argument Answered

My Heart Christ's Home - A classic illustration of what it means to allow Christ to be Lord of every area of your life

Does Matthew 21:43 Support Replacement Theology?

What American Presidents Have Said About the Bible

Biblical Race Theory 

The Death Penalty for Mankind and for Christ Our Substitute -- What Does It Involve?

The Cross-Work of Christ According to the Scriptures  - May we be eternally grateful for what the Lord Jesus did for us!

The Twelve Disciples  - Thirteen Chapters on the Twelve Disciples, also including James and Paul (newly revised) 

Numbers 22 - Why Was God Angry With Balaam?

Majestic Mountains of Sacred Scriptures - Dr. Manfred Kober's fascinating study of the key mountains in Scripture (Ararat, Moriah, Sinai, Nebo, Carmel, Gerizim, Hermon, Seir, Mount of Olives

The Christian Life and How It Is To Be Lived - This booklet has been completely rewritten and should be helpful and practical.

Problems With Post-Tribulationism A brief study by Manfred Kober showing that Christ will return in two phases separated by seven years

Sentence Sermons, Bulletin Fillers, Edifying Quotations, Pithy Proverbs (Hundreds of These) - More will be added week by week.

Object Lessons to Teach Bible Truths - Great for children and adults appreciate them also.

Is It Wrong to Question a Person's Profession of Faith?  --Or, is it dangerous to give a person false assurance of salvation?

Bulletin Inserts - Devotional Thoughts and Short Bible Studies Formatted to be Used as Bulletin Inserts. New ones are added weekly.


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