The Charismatic Movement
35 Doctrinal Issues

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1.  Have you received the Holy Spirit?
2.  How do you know that the Holy Spirit dwells within you?
3.  Did your salvation package include the gift of the Holy Spirit?
4.  Should believers look for a second blessing?
5.  What is the evidence or proof of having received the Spirit?
6.  What is the evidence or proof of being filled with the Spirit?

7.  What is the gift of tongues:  real languages or unintelligible utterances?
8.  In New Testament times was every believer expected to speak in tongues?
9.  Where in the Bible does God tell the believer to speak in tongues?
10.  In New Testament times how important was the gift of tongues?

11.  Are some of the gifts temporary?
12.  What is a prophet?
13.  Are there true prophets today?
14.  When did the gift of tongues cease?
15.  Can unsaved people speak in tongues?
16.  What is wrong with modern day tongues speaking?  (A Summary)

17.  What is Spirit baptism?
18.  When does Spirit baptism take place?
19.  Who has been Spirit baptized?  Have you had this baptism?
20.  Must a person "tarry" for the Holy Spirit?
21.  What must a person do in order to receive the Spirit?
22.  What is the Holy Spirit's primary ministry and function?

23.  Is it God's will for every sick person to be healed?
24.  Does the New Testament teach a "Prosperity Gospel"?
25.  Is it unspiritual to go to a doctor?
26.  Were Christ and the apostles able to heal?
27.  Are modern "faith healers" able to heal?
28.  How do modern "faith-healers" explain their failures?
29.  Did Christ and the apostles only heal those who had enough faith?
30.  How can we describe the healing miracles of Christ and the apostles?
31.  How can we describe the "miraculous" cures of modern faith healers?

32.  Do we need added revelation today, such as dreams, visions, prophecies, etc.?
33.  What is the philosophy of "Charismatic Renewal"?
34.  Are believers commanded to "renew" apostate churches?
35.  What is it that unites God's people?


These studies are written by George Zeller [revised 7/93, 10/94, 1/99].

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