The Teachings of

Zane Hodges, Joseph Dillow, Robert Wilkin
(The Grace Evangelical Society)

and J.D.Faust


Hodges, Dillow and Wilkin are brothers in Christ.  To my knowledge they are living for Christ and walking worthy of of the gospel.  It is not our desire to cast any aspersion on these men, their character, or their ministries, but simply to examine their teachings in the light of the Word of God.  We hold no animosity towards these men.  We agree with them on most of the doctrines of the Christian faith, but we are very concerned about some of their teachings as outlined in the articles below.

The teachings of Faust are far more serious and far more extreme, and we seek to warn believers regarding his false teachings. 



The Gospel Under Siege

The Hungry Inherit

Who Will Not Inherit the Kingdom?

Who Will Enter the Kingdom in Natural Bodies?

Observations on 1 Corinthians 15:50

Who Are Those Who Will Not Inherit the Kingdom?  Conclusion

The Parable of the Sower

The Overcomers in Revelation Chapters 2-3

Who are the "joint-heirs"?

Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth and Outer Darkness

Those Who Profess With Lips But Deny By Life

Can A Saved Person Totally Abandon the Faith?

Can A Good Tree Bring Forth Bad Fruit?

Keeping Godís Commandments

Loving the Brethren

Can A Saved Person Have A Dead Faith?

Can A Saved Person Deny Christ?
Who Will Reign With Christ?

Will only some believers be presented holy and unblameable?

Can A Saved Person Be Characterized as An Evil Doer?

Can A True Believer Continue in Sin and Persist in Sin?

Who Are Those Who Take Part in the First Resurrection? Will Some Believers Be Excluded?

Children of God and Children of the Devil

The False Teacher of 2 John 9

Saved But Not Led?

"Salvation Ready To Be Revealed"

Regenerate Bastards?

Assurance of Salvation and Continuance in the Faith

Did Paul Always Assume His Readers Were Saved?

Surprises in Heaven?

Security Without Purity?

Should Personal Wickedness Hinder Oneís Assurance of Salvation?

Are Good Works the Necessary Fruit of Salvation?

"This We Believe"

The Position of the Early Dispensationalists

The Position of Dr. Charles Ryrie With Respect to These Issues

Two Distinct Classes of Believers

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