The Troubling Teachings of

Zane Hodges, Joseph Dillow, and
Robert Wilkin
(The Grace Evangelical Society)

and the Extreme Teachings of J.D.Faust


These men divide Christ's beloved body and bride into two distinct groups with two distinct destinies.  They teach that a large number of believers will not inherit the kingdom of God.  Faust's position is the most extreme in that he teaches that many believers will be excluded from Christ's kingdom, will briefly be tortured by the second death and then will be punished for a thousand years in the fires of Hades.

Hodges, Dillow and Wilkin teach a more moderate view, but they insist that many believers will be cast into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and that they will be excluded from the joys and privileges of the millennial kingdom.  They will not reign with Christ and they will not inherit the kingdom.  They also teach that a person can totally deny the faith, live wickedly and persistently in sin, reject the truths of the Gospel, totally abandon Jesus Christ, reject His saving grace, and yet be counted among the redeemed in the end.

Hodges, Dillow and Wilkin are brothers in Christ.  To my knowledge they are living for Christ and walking worthy of of the gospel.  It is not our desire to cast any aspersion on these men, their character, or their ministries, but simply to examine their teachings in the light of the Word of God.  We hold no animosity towards these men.  We agree with them on most of the doctrines of the Christian faith, but we are very concerned about some of their teachings as outlined in the articles below.

The teachings of Faust are far more serious and far more extreme, and we seek to warn believers regarding his false teachings. 

We have a number of documents which evaluate the teachings of these men in light of the Bible.  Please consider the following:

The Theology of Zane Hodges and Joseph Dillow and the Grace Evangelical Society [PDF format]--a detailed examination of their teachings.

A Scriptural Refutation of the Teachings of Zane Hodges, Joseph Dillow and the Grace Evangelical Society  [PDF Format] with Respect to the Future Inheritance, Glory and Destiny of the Church--Christ's Beloved Body and Bride, by James Ventilato.

Hodges, Dillow, Wilkin (GES), and Faust--An Introduction to What These Men Teach, Understanding Their Doctrine Especially as it Relates to the Bible's Teaching on Assurance.

Those Who Do Not Inherit the Kingdom--Are They Saved or Unsaved--A refutation of the teaching of Zane Hodges and Joseph Dillow on 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

The Tragedy of the Crossless Gospel by Tom Stegall--Shows how Zane Hodges, Robert Wilkin and others are changing the true gospel. This article is written not by an outsider, but by a concerned  Pastor who is part of the free grace movement.

Does the Book of 1 John Present Tests of  Fellowship or Signs of Life? [PDF Format]  --Analyzing a book often misunderstood by free grace men

Is It Wrong to Question a Person's Profession of Faith?  --Or, is it dangerous to give a person false assurance of salvation?

Can a True Believer Totally Depart from the Faith?  --An thorough study of this important issue.

Christians, Apostasy, and Apostates--According to Free Grace Teaching, Reformed Theology, and Biblical Truth, by Pastor Kelly Sensenig

Hodges, Dillow, and The Grace Evangelical Society --Are They Promoting a New Brand of Dispensationalism?

Grace Evangelical Society and the Content of the Gospel -- by Pastor Kelly Sensenig

Who Will Share in the Kingdom by William Hoste --Written many years ago, but provides a good answer to those who teach that certain believers will be excluded from the kingdom.

The Prize of Our High Calling by J. Sladen:  A Review by William Kelly.  This article demonstrates that in the 19th century there existed false teaching very similar to that which today is being spread by the likes of Hodges, Wilkin, Dillow, Faust, the Misslers, etc. It is the error of kingdom exclusion.  The article is written by one of the leading Plymouth Brethren scholars of that day.

An Analysis of The Kingdom, Power & Glory--The Overcomer's Handbook by Chuck and Nancy Missler (Dividing All Believers Into Two Distinct Groups).

The Unusual and Troubling Teachings of Zane Hodges --Some startling yet well-documented examples of some of his teachings

Who Is the Overcomer in Revelation 2-3?

Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth--Will This Be the Fate of True Christians?

Paul Benware's Payday--Dividing All Believers Into Two Distinct Groups

J. D. Faust, The Rod--Will God Spare It? --Will True Believers Be Sent To Hell for a Thousand Years?

J. D. Faust, The Rod--Will God Spare It? --An Excellent Review by Robert Sumner, editor of The Biblical Evangelist.

J. D. Faust--THE ROD--Loving Familial Discipline or Condemnatory Judgment in Hell?--by James Ventilato

Saved By Grace Alone-A Biblical Analysis of Lordship Salvation - eleven chapters showing that Lordship sanctification is essential but that Lordship salvation is unbiblical.  The balanced Biblical position avoids the extremes of Lordship salvation on the one hand and the extremes of the Free Grace position on the other hand.

The following documents also relate to these same doctrinal issues:

Saved By Grace Alone - A Clarification of the Lordship Salvation issue

Justification by Faith and Justification by Works--Did James Contradict Paul?

The Relationship Between Good Works and Salvation - a helpful chart

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