The Gospel of Matthew
A Chapter by Chapter Analysis

13 Lessons for a Sunday School Quarter


The files are in PDF format.  The student is also referred to supplemental material which will help in studying these chapters in Matthew.





Cover Page in PDF

1 Matthew Chapters 1-2     The Genealogy, Birth and Infancy of the King

Supplemental Material:
The Wonder of the Incarnation

2 Matthew Chapters 3-4     The Baptism, Temptation and Early Ministry of the King

Supplemental Material:
The Forerunner of Christ  [PDF Format]
The Baptism of Christ  [PDF Format]
The Temptation of Christ  [PDF Format]

3 Matthew Chapters 5-7     The Sermon on the Mount (Kingdom Entrance Requirements)

Supplemental Material:
The Sermon On The Mount--Is It For the Church Today
The Problem of Worry (Matthew 6:25-34)

4 Matthew Chapters 8-10   The Miracles of the King and the Sending Forth of the Twelve

Supplemental Material:
The Miracles of Christ  [PDF Format]
The Disciples of Christ  [PDF Format]

The Twelve Disciples (13 Lessons)

5 Matthew Chapters 11-12   The Rejection of the King. 

Supplemental Material:
The Rejection of Christ  [PDF Format]

6 Matthew Chapter 13     The Mysteries of the Kingdom.

Supplemental Material:
A Detailed Linguistic and Theological Study of the N.T. Mysteries

7 Matthew Chapters 14-15     The Faith Demanded by the King
8 Matthew Chapters 16-20     The Kingdom Program and God's New Program

Supplemental Material:
Peter or the Rock?  [PDF Format]  
When Did The Church Begin? [PDF format]
Did the Lord's "Coming In His Kingdom" Take Place in 70 A.D.? (Matthew 16:28)
The Transfiguration of Christ  [PDF Format]

9 Matthew Chapters 21-23     The King Marches to the Cross.

Supplemental Material:
The Royal Entry of Christ  [PDF Format]
The Rejection of Christ  [PDF Format]

10 Matthew Chapter 24     The End of the Age and the King's Second Coming. 

Supplemental Material:
The Time of Great Trouble (Tribulation) [PDF Format]
The Time of Tribulation [PDF Format]
The Second Coming of Christ  [PDF Format]

11 Matthew Chapter 25     Are You Ready for the King?  
12 Matthew Chapters 26-27     The Betrayal, Arrest and Trial of the King. 

Supplemental Material:
The Agony of Christ  [PDF Format]
The Arrest of Christ  [PDF Format]
Judas, One of the Twelve
Phony Judas  [PDF Format]
The Trials of Christ and Peter's Three Denials   [PDF Format]

13 Matthew Chapters 27-28     The Suffering, Death, Burial and Resurrection of the King. 

Supplemental Material:
The Passion of Christ
The Crucifixion of Christ  [PDF Format]
The Resurrection of Christ  [PDF Format]

The Resurrection of Christ (John's Gospel)  [PDF Format]


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