The Twelve Disciples


  1. Peter   [PDF File]     [Cover Page]
  2. Andrew  [PDF File]
  3. James  [PDF File]
  4. John  [PDF File]
  5. Philip and Bartholomew  [PDF File]
  6. Thomas   [PDF File]
  7. Matthew the Publican and Simon the Zealot  [PDF File]
  8. James and Thaddaeus (Little Known Disciples)  [PDF File]
  9. Judas  [PDF File]
  10. The Death of Judas and Matthias  [PDF File]
  11. James and the Other Brothers of the Lord   [PDF File]
  12. The Apostle Paul  [PDF File]
  13. What About You? (Final Application)  [PDF File]

      All Chapters in PDF Format [Combined Document]


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