The Slippery Slope of Unbelief


By Jessica Taubert




Oh what a slippery slope we start

When from the Scriptures we depart!


The first step on that path is trod

By questioning the Word of God


Then question quickly leads to doubt

And soon the Bible is cast out.


The Word is left upon the shelf

And man relies upon himself


Believing lies that cannot save

Men rush headlong into the grave.


How does the tempter thus beguile?

He comes with laughter and a smile


He offers you a cup of tea

And says, "Sit down and chat with me!


Although we differ you will see

There’s much upon which we agree.


Let’s work together to help the poor,

Let’s rid hunger from our shores,


Don’t bother with doctrine or creed,

That causes strife; let’s be agreed!


I don’t believe that book you love,

It did not come down from above,


I do not say that you must doubt it;

But I am doing fine without it.


I have no need for childish tales

Of prophets swallowed up by whales


Come, now, can you be sure it’s true?

I’ll show another way to you:


Trust yourself, not God’s commands,

Why should God make such demands?


Do what you choose! You can be free!

Don’t follow Christ…just follow me!"


Soon the one you once despised

Seduces you with all his lies


Enticing you to follow sin

And weakened now, you fall right in!


You find there is no freedom there

It was a lie, a trap, a snare.


Finally in misery,

You cry to God on bended knee,


"I’ve wandered Oh so far from You!

I do not know what I should do!


I cannot tell the right from wrong,

And in my heart there is no song!"


Then by God’s grace you find yourself

Reaching toward your dusty shelf


You see through teary, bleary eyes:

There your neglected Bible lies.


You grab it down with hungry heart

You really don’t know where to start


You open it, the Living Word

God takes the mighty Spirit’s sword


It pierces you; you see your sin,

Broken, you repent within:


"I did not heed Your warning Lord,

To gird myself with this mighty Sword,


My guard was down and Satan attacked

Without Your Word I could not fight back


Please help me to reject his lies,

To keep Your Truth before my eyes!


I am so weak when I’m alone,

A simple child of flesh and bone


Is no match for the Devil’s might

I need Your strength to win this fight!


May I resist and victory find

As with your Word I fill my mind."


Forgiveness floods your broken soul

You are restored, revived, made whole.


Christians, heed this warning true:

The Enemy is after you!


Like a roaring lion he looks to find

A Christian with a straying mind;


Who’s left the simple Gospel true

And opened up to something "new"


But listen! Satan’s lies are old,

Since Eden they have been retold.


Resist Him as your Savior did,

Christ spoke the Word and Satan hid.


Put on God’s armor every day,

And for God’s help and guidance pray.


Draw near to God with humble heart

And from His truth do not depart


He will lead you by It’s light

And keep you, strengthened by His might.


On slippery slopes you will not stray

If you follow Jesus all the way.



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