The Nation That Cannot Be Destroyed

The continued existence of the nation of Israel is quite remarkable. Suppose a man is being bothered by a mosquito. This man slaps the mosquito, but it doesn’t die. He then smacks it with a newspaper, but it doesn’t die. He then strikes it with a fly swatter, but that does not kill the pest either. He tries spraying it with bug killer, but it still lives. He captures it in a jar and takes the jar 25 miles away from his home and buries it in the ground. One week later this same mosquito is back on the man’s arm! The mosquito cannot be destroyed!

There is a nation that is like this imaginary mosquito. It is a nation that cannot be killed or destroyed. Many attempts have been made to destroy this nation but all these attempts have failed. This nation lives on. It is a miracle nation! It is the most amazing nation on the face of the earth. It is the nation of ISRAEL— the JEWISH NATION.

The survival of the nation of Israel is remarkable, especially when we consider many of the other ancient nations who have not survived and who have lost their national identity.  Consider, for example, the seven nations mentioned in Deuteronomy 7:1. Are any of these nations in existence today?  What about the Philistines?   What about the Assyrians?   What about the Babylonians?   Certainly there are individuals who have descended from these nations who are alive today, but these nations have not maintained their national identity.

As Paul Van Gorder has pointed out, "You never hear anyone speak of an English Frenchman or a French Englishman or an Italian Frenchman.  But there are English Jews, French Jews, German Jews, and American Jews....To the Jew belongs an indestructible separateness.  This cannot be said of any other people on earth" [Is God Through With the Jew, RBC Booklet, p.2].   Of Israel it was predicted: "The people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned [numbered] among the nations (Numbers 23:9).  What other nation or people has been scattered among the nations and yet has maintained its national identify and distinctiveness?

The fact that Israel has maintained its national identity after having its people scattered throughout the world for almost 1900 years demonstrates the providential hand and the loving care of Jehovah, Israel's God.

The Birth of this Nation

This nation has not always existed. This nation did not exist in the days of Adam or in the days of Noah. How did this nation begin?

This amazing nation began with one man. What was this man’s name (Genesis 12:1)? ___________________ Later he would be called by what name (Genesis 17:5)? _________________________ God gave this man a wonderful promise in Genesis 12:2: "I will make of thee a G________________  N_________________."  Out of Abraham would come Isaac, and out of Isaac would come Jacob who was also called I_______________ (see Genesis 32:28). Out of Jacob would come 12 sons and out of these 12 sons would come a great nation:

THE 12 SONS OF JACOB (Genesis 35:22-26)


God did not choose Egypt or the Arab people to be His special nation.  God did not choose the mighty nation of Russia or the nation of China to be His special nation. God chose the nation Israel: "For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee (Israel) to be a SPECIAL P_________________ unto Himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth" (Deuteronomy 7:6). Did God choose the nation Israel because they were a large and mighty nation (Deuteronomy 7:7)? _____ Why did God choose Israel to be His special nation and to be a people for His very own (see Deuteronomy 7:8 and circle the correct answer):

  1. Because God hated the other nations
  2. Because God knew that the children of Israel were righteous people and the people from other nations were sinful people
  3. Because God loved Israel and wanted to keep His promises to them
  4. Because God liked the children of Israel better than He liked the Egyptians

The Egyptians Try To Destroy Israel

Do you have any Jewish friends in your class in school or in your neighborhood? These are the people who have descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  We call them Jews. The Bible usually calls them the children of Jacob or the children of Israel. [Note:  A person can also become a Jew by embracing the Jewish faith. Such a person is called a proselyte, or a convert to Judaism.]

Long ago God made a promise to Abraham. God told Abraham that he would have many, many descendants, just as there are many, many stars and just as there are many, many grains of sand at the sea shore (see Genesis 22:17). Can you count the number of stars that can be seen on a clear, starry night? _____ Can you count the number of grains of sand there are at the beach? _____ God was telling Abraham that he would have so many children (descendants) that people would not even be able to count them. God kept His promise because today there are MILLIONS of Jews in the world.

When the children of Israel went into the land of Egypt there were only 70 of them (Exodus 1:5).  Did they INCREASE in number (have more and more people) or did they DECREASE in number (have less and less people)? To find the answer read Exodus 1:7,9)? ________________________________________  God blessed this nation and they multiplied greatly.  The nation of Israel came to Egypt with only 70 people but they grew and grew and grew!

The Egyptians were beginning to get worried (see Exodus 1:9)! They tried to think of ways to keep the children of Israel from becoming a great nation:

Plan Number 1 — Make them do hard work as slaves (Exodus 1:10-11).

But when the Egyptians made them work harder, what happened to the children of Israel (Exodus 1:12)? _________________________________________ Did this Egyptian plan work? _____

Plan Number 2 — Destroy every male baby (Exodus 1:15-16).

The midwives were ladies who helped deliver babies. The King of Egypt told the Jewish midwives to kill every male Jew that was born. Did these ladies obey the King (Exodus 1:17-18)? _____ Did this Egyptian plan work? _____ 

Plan Number 3 —Throw every male baby into the Nile River (Exodus 1:22).

Moses was one of the babies that was born at that time. Pharaoh the King had said that every male baby should be thrown into the river to die. Did the parents of Moses let this happen to their son (Exodus 2:1-10 and Hebrews 11:23)? ______ Moses grew up and became the great leader of the Jewish people! The Egyptians tried again and again to destroy the Jewish people, but did God let their plans succeed? _____

Plan Number 4—Destroy them at the Red Sea (Exodus 14:10-12).

Many years later it was time for the children of Israel to leave the land of Egypt. Moses was now a grown up man  (about 80 years old). He was leading the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. But suddenly it looked as if the Jews would be destroyed. The Red Sea was in front of them and the Egyptian army was chasing after them from behind (Exodus 14:10). Did the children of Israel think that they would be destroyed (Exodus14:11-12)? _____ What did God do (Exodus 14:21)? _________________________________________________ Who was really destroyed, the Jews or the Egyptians (Exodus 14:30)? _______________________

Can a Nation Live 40 Years in a Barren Desert?

There were about two million Jews who crossed the Red Sea and entered the wilderness that was on the other side. They would stay in this desert for about 40 years. How can this many people survive In a desert wilderness for so long?

Were there times when the children of Israel thought that they would die in this wilderness (Exodus 16:3; 17:3)? ______  Did God take care of them in this desert all these 40 years and provide them with food and water and everything they needed (Deuteronomy 1:31; 2:7)? _______ Their clothes and their shoes did not even wear out or get old (Deuteronomy 29:5)! What if you were to wear the same shoes for 40 years. Do you think they would last for that long?  ______ God was taking care of His chosen nation all these years.

Enemies Attempt to Destroy Israel

After the children of Israel were in the wilderness they came into the land of Palestine. Moses was dead and Joshua was their new leader. Now the nation faced another problem. Other nations were already living in the land of Palestine (see Deuteronomy 7:1). Were these nations stronger than Israel or weaker than Israel (Deuteronomy 7:1)? ___________________________ Do you think that these nations were going to be very happy when the children of Israel come into the land and claim the land for themselves? ______ Israel was in for a fight! Would this tiny nation of Israel be destroyed?

As we read the book of Joshua we learn that the children of Israel conquered all of these nations and they won their battles! How could they conquer nations that were stronger and mightier than they were? What was their secret weapon (Deuteronomy 3:22)? __________________________________________________ When we face problems that are too big for us we need to remember that God can be our secret weapon too!

Many years later the Philistine army tried to destroy the children of Israel. Their  hero was Goliath — perhaps the strongest and tallest man on earth at that time. Were the Philistines able to destroy the children of Israel (1 Samuel chapter 17)? ______

Israel is Captured by the Enemy

Remember that mosquito pest we talked about at the beginning of this lesson? Finally the man captured the mosquito in a jar and carried it away. It seemed like that would be the end for Mr. Mosquito.

As time went on the children of Israel turned away from the Lord and did what was evil in God’s sight. They served other gods and worshipped idols. Because of their sins God allowed the enemy to capture them and to carry them away into a foreign land.  First the Assyrians came and carried away many Jews into captivity. Later the Babylonian army came into Palestine and destroyed the city of Jerusalem and captured the Jewish people and carried them away into the land of Babylon. We read about this in 2 Chronicles 36:19-20. It seemed like this would be the end for the nation. 

But 70 years later an amazing thing happened. God worked in the heart of a King named Cyrus and he allowed the Jewish people to return to their land (2 Chronicles 36:19-26). About 50,000 people returned (Ezra 2:64-65). The nation survived.

God’s Promises to Israel

God promised Abraham that out of him would come a great nation. God is not going to let that nation be destroyed. In Jeremiah 31:35-37 God said something very important about the nation of Israel. In this passage God tells us that one of three things must happen if the nation of Israel is to be destroyed. If none of these three things happens, then the nation of Israel will never be destroyed and will never stop being a nation. Let’s see what these three things are:

1) The day-night cycle must be stopped (Jeremiah 31:35-36). God is saying, "If you want the nation of Israel to stop being a nation then you must find a way to stop the day from coming after the night and stop the night from coming after the day."

2) The heavens must be measured (Jeremiah 31:37). God is saying, "If you want the nation of Israel to stop being a nation then you must be able to tell Me how many stars there are in My Universe." Even if men build bigger and better telescopes, do you think they will ever be able to see all the stars in the universe? ______

3) The foundations of the earth must be searched out (Jeremiah 31:37). God is saying, "If you want the nation of Israel to stop being a nation then you must be able to dig a hole to the center of the earth." Will man ever be able to do this? _______

God will not break these promises to Israel! If the enemies of Israel want to be successful, then they need to find some way to stop the sun from rising, they need to start building much better telescopes, and they need to get busy digging to the center of the earth! The Jews do not need to worry. Their future is quite safe!

Haman’s Wicked Plan

In the days of Esther, there was a proud and wicked man named Haman. Haman hated the Jewish people and wanted to destroy them. He had a plan and his plan seemed to be working out. He was able to get the King to pass a law (an unalterable decree) which said that on a certain day all of the Jews (men, women and children) in the whole kingdom would be destroyed. You can read this law in Esther 3:13.

If you were living in the days of Esther, it would seem as if the nation of Israel would be destroyed and would cease from being a nation. It looked like there was no hope. It seemed like the Jews would be killed and the nation would come to an end. But remember, God promised that this would never happen (see Jeremiah 31:35-37).

WHAT DID HAPPEN? Who did perish and die (Esther 7:10)?___________ The nation Israel did not perish, but Haman did! The one who wanted to destroy Israel was destroyed! The nation of Israel lived on!

For a more detailed study of Haman, see our study entitled, Joseph and Esther.

The Jewish Nation Rejects Christ

When Jesus Christ became a man He was born as a Jew. The Bible says that He was "the son of D________________, the son of A __________________ " (Matthew 1:1).

In the days of Christ the Romans ruled the world, but they allowed the Jewish nation to have a home in Palestine. Jesus came into the world to save the Jewish people from their _________ (Matthew 1:21). Did the Jewish people receive Christ or did they reject Christ (John 1:11)? _____________________________ Did they say, "CROWN HIM!" or did they say, "CRUCIFY HIM!" (see John 19:6,15)?  ___________________________  Not all the Jews rejected Christ. There were some like Peter, John, Paul, and Matthew who believed in Christ and followed Him. But most of the Jews rejected Him. The Jews rejected the very One who came down from heaven to save them!

Even though most of the Jews rejected Christ, what does God want you to do (John 1:12)? ______________________________________  If you receive Christ, the Bible says that you become a Son (child) of G______ (John 1:12). Today all those who receive Christ and believe on Him are God’s special people! Have you done this? Are you a child of God? Most of the Jews said "NO" to their Saviour and so God reached out to all men and said, "Would you like to be saved? Would you like to become a child of God?  Would you like to receive Christ as your Saviour and Lord?"  The Jews said, "NO!" What have you said to God’s offer?

God’s Punishment

Rejecting Christ was a very great sin and God would have to judge the Jewish nation for this. About 40 years after the death of Christ the Roman soldiers came into the city of Jerusalem and destroyed it. The Jews had to leave their homeland and they were scattered throughout the world. They had to live in other countries and in some of those countries they were persecuted and treated very badly. Would this be the end of the Jewish nation?

Suppose you have a pile of 500 pennies in the middle of a large field. If those pennies are all together it is easy to pick them all up and keep them together. But suppose you were to take each penny and throw it as far as you could and in a different direction.  Would it be very easy to get all the pennies back together again? ______

So it is with the nation of Israel. The Jews have been "thrown" or scattered all over the world. How is the nation ever going to get back together again? Will the nation ever live again?

The New State of Israel

In modern times something very remarkable has happened! The pennies have started returning to the pile! Jews have been returning to the land of Palestine. In 1948 the new nation of Israel was born. Thousands of Jews have been returning to their ancient homeland. The nation of Israel is still alive! Do you ever hear about the nation of Israel on the news? ______ Does the nation of Israel still have enemies today who would like to see Israel be destroyed? _____

Difficult Days Ahead

The Jewish people have not had an easy road to travel on. For example, it is estimated that during the World War II, Hitler, the German leader, had about 6 million Jews put to death.  This man tried to destroy the Jewish people, but today Hitler is dead and the Jewish nation is still alive!

There is coming a future day when the Jews will have even more trouble. This will be "the time of Jacob’s _____________________" (Jeremiah 30:7). This time of trouble is also known as the time of tribulation (we will study the TRIBULATION in Chapter 7). Many will die in this day of trouble (Zechariah 13:8-9). Once again Israel's enemies will try to destroy this nation. This time of trouble is seen in Revelation chapter 12 where the “WOMAN” refers to the nation of Israel and the “DRAGON” refers to Satan. Does Satan try to destroy the nation? ______ Does he succeed? _____

The Messiah Comes!

When Christ came the first time the Jewish people rejected Him. When Christ comes the second time the Jewish people will receive Him (see Romans 11:26-27)! At the end of the tribulation things will look very hopeless for the Jewish people. They will be surrounded by their enemies and once again it will look as though they will be destroyed. But in the darkest hour the Messiah will return and the nation will be delivered.

We read about Christ's coming in Zechariah 12:9-12. Will the Jewish people be sorry for the way they treated Christ when He came the first time? _______

The Greatest Nation On Earth

After Christ returns He will set up His kingdom on the earth. During this kingdom the nation of Israel will be the greatest kingdom on earth and the Jews will be looked up to and respected more than any other people (see Zechariah 8:23). Christ will not set up His throne from New York City, from Washington D.C., or from Moscow, but from the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be the capital of the world. (Isaiah 2:1-3). God told Abraham that a great nation would come out of him.  God's Word will come true.

God Has a Wonderful Future for Israel

The Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, reveals that God has promised a wonderful future to the nation Israel.  God will keep all His promises and all His covenants which He made with His chosen people.  Christians everywhere should have a great love in their hearts for the Jewish people.  We have a number of literature items that we would like to share with Our Jewish Friends.

God's Word is True

We have seen that God kept His promise concerning the nation Israel. God promised that this nation would never be destroyed! Even though nation after nation tried to destroy it, they all failed!!

What has God promised you if you are a believer in Christ? Will you ever perish (John 3:16)? _____ Will you ever be destroyed (2 Corinthians 4:9)? _____ Will you ever be cast out (John 6:37)? ______ Will you ever be lost (John 6:39)? _____ Will Christ ever leave you (Hebrews 13:5)? ______ Will you ever be separated from the love of God (Romans 8:38-39)? _____ Will God keep all of these promises? ____ Why (Titus 1:2)? _______________________________________________

Why not bow your, head and thank God for his wonderful salvation and for the way He keeps you safe from destruction! God keeps the believer SAFE FOREVER!

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