The Final Rebellion and the Final Judgment

Man has always tried to blame someone else or something else for his problems. Sinful man always tries to defend himself: "IT’S NOT MY FAULT! I’M NOT TO BLAME!" Man has been doing this from the beginning. Adam and Eve both disobeyed God and ate the fruit that they were told not to eat (Genesis 3:6). Whom did Eve blame (Genesis 3:13)? ___________________________ Whom did Adam blame (Genesis 3:12)? ____________________________

As we study the final rebellion and the final judgment we are going to find out where the real problem lies. Whom should man really blame for his problems? Who is really at fault?

The Final Rebellion

The final rebellion is an event that will take place after the 1000 year Kingdom of Christ. We can read about this event in Revelation 20:7-9. But before we take a close look at this event there are some things that must first be understood:

1) Only Saved People Enter the Kingdom.

When the 1000 year Kingdom begins, only saved people will be allowed to enter the Kingdom. Jesus will say to these saved people, "C____________, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the ______________ prepared for _______ from the foundation of the world" (Matthew 25:34). What will happen to unsaved people (Matthew 25:41)? __________________________________________________

We learn the same thing in Matthew 13:41-42. These verses tell us that all the wicked people will be removed from the earth and cast into a furnace of fire. Who will remain on the earth to be part of the Kingdom--the righteous people or the unrighteous people (Matthew 13:43)? ____________________________ According to Matthew 13:49-50 the angels will separate the wicked from among the just (the righteous people) and the wicked will be cast into the _______________ of fire.

This means that when the Kingdom begins, every person on earth is a saved person. The wicked (unsaved) have been removed but the righteous (saved) remain. At that time every person on earth will be able to say, "I have trusted Jesus Christ to be my Saviour and my King!"

2) Children Will be Born with Sinful Hearts.

During the Kingdom age countless numbers of children will be born. One thousand years is plenty of time for thousands and thousands of people to be born and to grow up into adulthood. Today many babies die because of sickness or hunger, but this will not be true during the Kingdom age. Healthy babies will be born all over the world and these babies will grow up into adults.

Remember, the first babies that are born will have saved parents. But having saved parents does not make the baby saved. Today if a person has Christian parents, does this mean that he becomes a Christian at birth? _____ Salvation is not something that parents can give (pass on) to their children through birth. Parents can teach their children about salvation but each child must believe on Christ for himself. Just because the parents have faith does not mean that the children have faith.  [Someone once remarked, "God has many children but He has no grandchildren."]

Salvation is not given (passed on) from parents to children, but there is something that is given (passed on) from parents to children: SINFULNESS. Even though parents might be saved, they still have sinful natures which they pass on to their children. David understood this when he said, "Behold, I was shapen in ________________________, and in ________ did my mother conceive me" (Psalm 51:5). Every child that has ever been born (except Jesus Christ) has received a wicked and sinful nature from Adam. People are not born saved. People are born in sin. Those who will be born in the Kingdom will be born with wicked, sinful hearts.

3) Children Born During the Kingdom Will Need to be Saved.

What must a person do to be saved (Acts 16:30-31)? ______________________________________________________________
Those children born in the Kingdom will need to believe on Christ and receive Him as their Saviour. Some of these children will believe on Him but many others will not. Outwardly they will obey the King and follow His rules, but inwardly they will be against the King (see Mark 7:6). These unsaved people may bend down on their knees before the King but in their hearts they are still standing up. Sometimes children do this with their parents. Outwardly they do what their Mom arid Dad say, because they know that they will get into trouble if they do not obey their parents. But inwardly they are angry with their parents. Has this ever happened to you? During the Kingdom there will be thousands of people who honor Christ outwardly but hate Him inwardly.

There is another verse that tells us that this is what people will do in the Kingdom. It is found in Psalm 66:3. This Psalm is speaking of the time when all the earth is told to make a joyful noise to God (verse 1). It is speaking of the time when "all the ________________ shall worship" God (verse 4). These verses are speaking of the time when Christ will rule and reign as King over all the earth. Look again at verse 3: "Say unto God, How terrible art thou in Thy works! through the greatness of Thy _________________ shall thine enemies submit themselves unto Thee."  ["Because of the greatness of Thy power Thine enemies will give feigned obedience to Thee"--NASB].  Even during the Kingdom age God will have enemies on earth. And even though these enemies do not want to, they will submit to the King. They will be afraid to disobey Him because of His power and greatness. So instead they will pretend to honor Him and serve Him.  They will do what the King says, even though in their hearts they are His enemies! During the Kingdom age there will be many people who will do this.

God Demonstrates How Sinful Man Really Is

At the end of the 1000 year Kingdom God lets Satan out of his P____________ (Revelation 20:7). Will people follow Satan? Will people choose the Saviour or Satan? People could say, "Satan, we want nothing to do with you. We love our King, the Lord Jesus Christ, and we will not follow you!" But is this what they will say? We learn in Revelation 20:8 that thousands and thousands (a host of people too numerous to count) will follow Satan. Just like we cannot count all the grains of sand at the seashore, so we will not be able to count all the people who will follow Satan, because there will be so many of them! These rebels will make war against God and God’s people and God will destroy them (see Revelation 20:9). How does God destroy them (Revelation 20:9)? ________________________________________ It never pays to rebel against God! At the end of the 1000 year Kingdom these people will prove how sinful their hearts really are!

Man’s Real Problem is Sin

People never want to blame their own sinful hearts for the problem. They always want to look outside of themselves and find things to blame. They want to BLAME SOCIETY (the world around them). They say things like this: "If we could get rid of sickness and hunger and poverty and crime and if we could live in a perfect world with a perfect government, then our problems would be solved."   During the Kingdom age, God will give men a perfect world and a perfect society and a perfect government. There will be no wars, no sickness, no crime, no poverty and no hunger. God will give men a perfect world to live in, but men will still choose to turn away from God. Did Jesus say that man’s real problem comes from within or without (Mark 7:21)?_______________ The final rebellion proves that man has a wicked heart (Jeremiah 17:9). Man cannot blame anyone else or anything else. The problem is WITHIN, not WITHOUT. 

What Is the Solution?

The problem is sin! What then is the solution? Feeding the poor, building better homes, fighting crime, getting rid of disease, building a better world--all of these things are helpful, but none of these things solve man’s greatest problem. Man’s problem is SIN and therefore what man needs is a SAVIOUR. Why did Christ come into the world (1 Timothy 1:15)? _____________________________ Christ is the only solution to man’s problem! John Newton once said, "I am a great sinner but I have a greater Saviour!" What about you?


The Final Judgment

Another great event takes place after the final rebellion.  This is called THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT and it is described in Revelation 20:11-15.

Who is the Judge?

The Person who sits on this great white throne is described in Revelation 20:11. Who is this Judge? We learn in Acts 17:31 and John 5:22,27 that this Judge is none other than Jesus Christ. Those who reject Jesus Christ as Saviour must someday face Jesus Christ as Judge. Today He is the Saviour of sinners. The day is coming when He will be the Judge of sinners.

Who Will be Judged?

John the Apostle said, "And I saw the D __________, small and great, stand before G_______" (Revelation 20:12). Who are these dead people? In 2 Peter 3:7 we learn that this will be "the day of judgment and perdition of  ________________  men." These are people who are ungodly and who are unsaved.

There is coming a day when all of the unsaved people who have ever lived will be raised up from the dead to stand before God. Jesus spoke of this resurrection in John 5:28-29. All of the wicked and unsaved people who have ever lived must appear before the Judge. This would include

The people who died in the flood of Noah’s day
Pharaoh who lived in the days of Moses
Wicked King Ahab and his wife Jezebel
People living today who refuse to get saved
Those in the future who will be part of that final rebellion.

All of the unsaved dead will stand before God to be judged!

The Books

In Revelation 20:12 we learn that there will be books opened on this judgment day. These books contain a very careful record of what the people to be judged have said and done (THEIR WORKS). God keeps very good records. In fact, nothing a person does escapes His notice. Nothing is hidden from God (Hebrews 4:13). Does God even know what a person is thinking? _____

Suppose that for an entire week you were being watched by a secret camera and heard by a secret tape recorder. You did not know that the camera and tape recorder were being used.   How would you like this film to be played back to your parents and friends?  How would you like them to hear every word that you said all week long (even those bad words or angry words)?  How would you like them to see everything that you did during the week (even those things you did when you were all alone in your room)? Would you want that film to be shown? Would you want that tape to be heard? Would you be ashamed to let others know about some of the things you said and did?  What if somehow our thoughts could be recorded and then replayed?!

We would like the books to stay closed, but for the unsaved these books will someday be opened (Revelation 20:12). When these books are opened what will these unsaved people realize?

  1. They will realize that they did not live well enough to earn their way to heaven. Salvation is "not of works lest any man should boast" (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  2. They will realize that nothing which they did or said really pleased God because "they that are in the flesh cannot ________________ God" (Romans 8:8).
  3. They will realize that they are GUILTY before God (Romans 3:19).
  4. They will realize that they are without excuse (Romans 1:20; 2:1). No one will open his mouth (Romans 3:19). No one will say, "God, You are unfair! I do not deserve this judgment. I deserve to go to heaven!"
  5. They will realize that they deserve to be punished (Romans 1:32). They will have no one to blame but themselves!

The Book

There is another book mentioned in Revelation 20:12 and 15. This is called the BOOK OF L__________. This book is a book of names (like a telephone book). This book will contain all the names of those people who will be with Christ in heaven (compare Luke 10:20). What will happen to those people whose names are not found in this book (Revelation 20:15)? ____________________________________

The unsaved dead who stand before Christ at the great white throne will discover that their names are not in the BOOK OF LIFE. This is because they rejected God’s Son and God’s Saviour. It will be their fault! They will be to blame! They could have had eternal life but they refused eternal life! They could have come to Christ but they did not want to come to Christ: "And ye will not come to me (you refuse to come to Me), that ye might have ___________" (John 5:40). They rejected God’s precious gift (see Romans 6:23) and they will have no one to blame but themselves!

What About You?

God is holy and righteous and pure. This is why the throne is called the GREAT WHITE THRONE. God hates sin and must judge sin. We are all sinners. We have all done things that are wicked and wrong. We are all guilty before God, and God must judge guilty sinners!

When the Lord Jesus went to the cross all of our sins were laid upon Him (2 Corinthians 5:21). He became our Substitute and He died in our place. We are the ones who should die and who should be judged, but Christ took God’s judgment upon Himself. God’s anger and wrath and judgment came down upon His beloved Son who died in our place. Do you really believe that Christ did this for you?

Those who have believed on Christ and trusted Him as their Saviour do not need to fear a future judgment. The Bible says that those who believe have everlasting life and "shall not come into _________________________ (JUDGMENT)" (John 5:24). See also Romans 8:1.  The believer does not need to be afraid that someday God will remember his sins and judge him for them.  The believer in Christ has complete forgiveness of all his sins--past, present and future (Acts 10:43). God has said, "Their _________ and their iniquities will I remember ______    ____________" (Hebrews 10:17).

Yes, those who reject Christ as their Saviour have only themselves to blame. Sin is man’s problem and Christ is man’s only Solution and man’s only Saviour! Have you admitted that you have a problem? Have you found God’s solution? Have you believed in God’s Son? Is your name in the Book of Life?  If your name is in the Book of Life, you have only God to thank!  If your name is not in the Book of Life you have only yourself to blame!  

Judgment for Believers??

The true believer will not come into condemnation or judgment (John 5:24). There is "no condemnation" for him (Rom. 8:1). All of his sins have been taken care of at the cross.  The believer's judgment for sin took place about 2000 years ago when Christ was judged and condemned for us!  He was punished and condemned for our sins.  God's wrath was poured out on Him.  "He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities....the LORD hath laid on Him the iniquities of us all" (Isaiah 53:5-6).  And when we come to Christ in faith we are justified and declared "NOT GUILTY" by the Judge of all the universe!   "Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect?  It is God that justifieth. Who is he that condemneth? Shall Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us?" (Romans 8:33-34). If God is never going to condemn us and if God is never going to charge us with guilt, then we need not worry!

We are so identified with the risen and glorified Christ ("in Christ Jesus;" Who is our Life) that, only if "condemnation" can be attached to Him, could condemnation fall on us! Impossible!!  In other words, we are so identified with Christ that if God were to condemn us, He would have to condemn His Son also. "Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, because even as He is, so also are we in this world." (1 John 4:17).

On the one hand we are told that the believer will not come into judgment (John 5:24 and Romans 8:1) and on the other hand we are told that every believer will stand before the judgment seat of Christ (Romans 14:10).  How can these two seemingly contradictory facts be understood?  1) The believer will never stand before the JUDGE to be condemned for his sins and punished for his sins. This condemnation and punishment has already fallen upon Christ our Substitute (Romans 8:3, and see the previous paragraph). Remember, if the believer were to be condemned for only one sin, that would be enough to condemn him to the lake of fire forever.   2) The believer will stand before the BEMA or judgment seat of Christ to give an account of how faithfully he has lived the Christian life since the day he was saved. The issue then will not be condemnation or no condemnation, but the issue will be rewards or loss of rewards (1 Cor. 3:12-15).  Loss of rewards does not mean loss of salvation. Even the most unfaithful Christian at the judgment seat of Christ "shall be saved" and not condemned (1 Cor. 3:15).

Who can claim and enjoy this wonderful statement of "NO CONDEMNATION"? Only those who are "IN CHRIST JESUS" (v.1). There is no safer place to be! In the days of Noah there was only one safe place to bein the ark! God’s judgment came down upon everyone who was not in the ark. Today Jesus Christ is our Ark of safety! Those who are positioned in Him are safe and secure and are not in danger of the judgment of God.


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