"Let Thy Kingdom Come!"

For a long time people have dreamed of a better world. They have hoped for and longed for a world that would be free from the problems of war and crime and hunger and disease. The Bible teaches that a better world is coming. After Jesus Christ returns to the earth (see Chapter 9 of these notes), He will set up His Kingdom and He will rule over all the earth. What will this Kingdom be like? How will conditions on earth be different? What will life be like in the future Kingdom?

1) Christ will be King over all the world.

When Christ rules over the earth, He will not rule over just part of the earth. He will rule over all of the earth: "And the LORD shall be King over ______ the _________________" (Zechariah 14:9). According to Daniel 7:14, who will serve this King (circle the correct answer):

a. Some of the people and some of the nations
b. Most of the people and most of the nations
c. All of the people and all of the nations
d. None of the people and none of the nations

Yes, Christ will be King over "the whole earth" (Daniel 2:35). There will be a worldwide Kingdom. Those who live in Africa and those who live in North America and those who live in Asia will all have the same King! Jesus Christ will be President of the World!

The capital of the United States is Washington D.C.   The capital of Russia is Moscow. Can you think of the capitals of other countries? What city will be the capital of Christ’s Kingdom? In Isaiah 2:3 we learn that J_________________________ will be the capital. Jesus will rule as King from this city. Even today Jerusalem is a very important city. If you were to look at a globe of the world you would see that Jerusalem is at the center of three important continents: AFRICA, EUROPE and ASIA.

2) Christ will be the perfect Ruler.

The government of the United States has three branches:

1) The Legislative Branch (THE CONGRESS);

2. The Executive Branch (THE PRESIDENT);

3. The Judicial Branch (THE SUPREME COURT).

The CONGRESS passes laws. The PRESIDENT, as the nation’s leader, guides our nation, upholds the Constitution and serves as the chief commander over all the branches of the military. The SUPREME COURT makes sure that the laws are being carried out and interpreted correctly, in light of the Constitution, etc. (It is not the job of the Supreme Court to make laws.)   In the Kingdom age, Jesus Christ will be the SUPREME COURT, the CONGRESS and the PRESIDENT all in One Person:  "For the LORD is our ________________, the LORD is our _________________________ the LORD is our __________________________" (ISAIAH 33:22). He is the perfect Judge, the perfect Ruler or President, and He will make perfect laws!  Three functions will be perfectly executed by one Person!

3) Christ will rule in perfect fairness and righteousness.

There are many things wrong in our world today. There are rulers who are dishonest and unfair and at times even cruel. Sometimes innocent people are punished and guilty people are allowed to go unpunished. Sometimes laws are made that are unfair. Sometimes people get away with doing what is wrong or even what is against the law. Can you think of other wrongs in our world today?

In the Kingdom age, that which is wrong will be made right and that which is crooked will be made straight. The King will not be an imperfect, sinful human being. The King will be the perfect, sinless, holy Son of God. The King will have perfect wisdom and understanding (Isaiah 11:2-3). He will do that which is RIGHT (righteousness--Isaiah 11:4-5) instead of that which is WRONG. He will be a RIGHTEOUS KING who will rule in a way that is fair and just and right (Jeremiah 23:5).

The world has never had a perfect Ruler, but Jesus Christ will be a completely perfect King. Will He allow wrong to be done in His Kingdom?______ Will He allow crime?_______ Will He make unfair laws? __________Will He let innocent people be punished? _____

4) There will be peace on earth.

Is there peace on earth today? _______ Can you think of two countries that are fighting each other somewhere in the world today?    Many people would love to live in a world where there is no more fighting and no more killing.

When the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6) comes to set up His Kingdom, there will be no more war. "He maketh wars to __________________ unto the end of the earth" (Psalm 46:9). Read Isaiah 2:4 and then make a list of some of the things that will no longer be needed in the Kingdom:

   guns                                   the Navy                        
   aircraft carriers             ______________________
_____________________ ______________________
_____________________ ______________________

5) There will be one and only one religion on earth.

Today there are hundreds of religions in the world. Can you think of the names of some of these religions?  There are all kinds of different temples and shrines and churches and synagogues throughout the world. Men have all kinds of different ideas about who God is and what God is like.

In the Kingdom age things will be much different. The Lord Himself will be ruling on the earth and teaching men the truth about God (Isaiah 2:3). No false religions will be allowed. The only religion that will be allowed is the worship of the one true God. Everyone on earth during the Kingdom must worship the King! What will happen to people who do not come to Jerusalem to worship the King? How will the King punish them (Zechariah14:17)?___________________________________________________________

Today there are people in many parts of the world who do not know the good news about Jesus Christ. This is why missionaries are sent forth.  During the Kingdom age things will be quite different. Will missionaries be needed to tell people that they need to know the Lord (Jeremiah 31:34)? _____ Will they all know the Lord? _____ In Isaiah 11:9 we read that "the earth shall be _______ of the knowledge of the _____________, as the ____________________ cover the _________." How much of the ocean floor is covered by water? _____________ During the Kingdom, how much of the earth will be covered with the knowledge of the Lord? ______________________ Just as the oceans are filled with water, so the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord!

Today in our country it is not usually necessary to tell people who the President is.  Most people already know who he is. During the Kingdom age people will know who the King is and they will not need to be told.

6) Satan will not be around to cause trouble.

In Revelation chapter 20 we learn that the Kingdom age will last for 1000 years (see verses 4-6). This is why the Kingdom age is often called THE MILLENNIUM (the word simply means "a period of a thousand years").

Where is the devil during these 1000 years (Revelation 20:1-3)?  ___________________________________________________________ The devil will be put in prison during the entire millennium! Will 1 Peter 5:8 be true during the Kingdom age? ______

Satan has been around causing trouble since the days of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1-6). The world has never known a time when the devil has not been around. But the Kingdom age will be different. Satan will have no influence upon the earth. We will study this more in the next chapter.

7) The barren lands will become fruitful.

Today there are many areas of the earth that are very dry and barren. There are vast deserts in the world today that stretch out for hundreds of miles. These areas are so dry that very little can grow.

When Christ rules over this world even the earth will take on a new look! In Isaiah 32:15 we learn that the wilderness (desert) will be a F_______________ F_______________. This new look is also described in Isaiah 35:1-2. How can deserts blossom and bloom? A desert cannot become fruitful unless there is plenty of water. Will God provide plenty of water for the deserts (Isaiah 35:6-7)?  _______

8) Sickness and disease will be cured.

Sickness and disease are very much a part of our world today. Our hospitals and nursing homes are filled with people who are suffering with sickness and disease.

Will the King be able to take care of the problems of disease? Is there any disease that He is not able to cure (see Matthew 4:23-24)? _________

The person who lives in the Kingdom will not say, "I am S __________" (Isaiah 33:24). In that day the deaf shall hear and the blind shall see (Isaiah 29:18). Some of the amazing healing miracles that will take place are described in Isaiah 35:5-6. During the Kingdom people will enjoy wonderful health.

9) People will live on and on, even for hundreds of years.

If you were to meet a man who was a hundred years old, would you call him an old man or a child? _______________________________ In Isaiah 65:20 we are told that a child will be 100 years old. Today we would probably consider a nine-year-old to be a child.  If you take a nine-year-old child and multiply his number of years by 8 (8 X 9 = 72) you will have an age of 72 years which today is considered to be an average lifespan (see Psalm 90:10). If the hundred-year-old child described in Isaiah 65:20 were to live to be 8 times as old, then he would be 800 years old (100 X 8 = 800)!  In Isaiah 65:22 we are told that the days of people will be like the days of a TREE.  Did you know that many trees live to be hundreds of years old? People living in the Kingdom will live on and on and on.

The oldest recorded age of a man is that of Methuselah. How old was he when he died (Genesis 5:27)? _________________ There will be people in the Kingdom who will live all the way through the Kingdom (all the way through the 1000 years). In the Kingdom Christ will sometimes punish sinners with the death penalty (see Isaiah 65:20).  However, if people follow Christ’s laws and don’t get in trouble with the King, then they will live on and on.  The only people who need to fear death are those who get into trouble with the King.

10) There will be a change in the nature of animals.

This amazing change is described in Isaiah 11:6-9 and 65:25. Wild animals will no longer be wild. Ferocious beasts will no longer be ferocious. Meat-eating animals will no longer eat meat (compare Genesis 1:29-30). Today what would happen if you put a wolf and a lamb together? What will happen then (Isaiah 11:6)? These wild animals will be so gentle that even a child can be with them and not have to be afraid of ever being harmed. What would happen today if a young child were to play near the home of poisonous snakes (see Isaiah 11:8-9)?

The story is told of a Russian zookeeper who made this boast, “In our zoo here in Moscow, the wolf dwells with the lamb in the same cage, something which you Americans do not have.” But what he failed to mention was that a new lamb had to be put in the cage every day!

A man living in New Mexico once heard a strange sound coming from the front room. Something seemed to hit something else, and then his little child would laugh with glee. Again he heard the sound of hitting, and then the child would laugh again. Finally he glanced into the room to see what was going on. He found that the child would hit his hand against the screen door. The door would fly partly open. A large rattlesnake outside the door would jump at the door. The door would shut with a bang. The child would again hit the screen with his hand and it would fly open a few inches and hit the snake. The child had no fear whatever of the beautiful snake which kept striking at the screen. Only the thin screen protected the child from the deadly venom of the snake. The father’s blood nearly froze with fear that the screen might break and let the snake harm the child. How different is this verse in Isaiah 11:8! This verse is talking about a time when a parent will have no fear if his innocent child is playing with a snake. In the Kingdom age there will be no danger of being hurt or harmed by animals.

* * * * * * * *

Jesus Christ will be the world’s King tomorrow, but He wants you to make Him your King today! The Lord wants to rule your life today. He wants to tell you what to do and how to live. He wants to be on the throne of your life.

Many people do not want God to be their King. They say, "We will not have this Man to reign over us" (see Luke 19:14). These people want to be their own king!

What about you? Christ is the perfect King and He wants to rule on the throne of your heart. Will you let Him be your King? He is a wonderful Saviour and a wonderful King. Is He your Saviour and your King? Make Him yours today!