Chapter 1
God's Part and My Part

        As believers in Christ, we ought to be very concerned about those who do not know the Lord as their Saviour. You probably have people who are very close to you (family members, relatives, friends, schoolmates or others) who are not saved. What can you do to help these people to come to know the Lord?

Is God Concerned?

        As believers, we need to have the same kind of concern that our God has. Is God concerned about those who are lost and perishing? Does God have compassion and love for them? Is God even more concerned about them than we are?

        In 1 Timothy 2:4 we learn that God wants (desires) “all men to be _________________, and to ____________ unto the knowledge of the truth.” Does God invite all men to come to the Saviour (Matthew 11:28; Isaiah 55:1; Revelation 22:17)? ______

        As we read John 3:16 we see that God so loved . . . (circle the correct answer)

a. only those who will believe on His Son
b. only those who love Him
c. the world (all men without exception; all mankind)
d. those who have eternal life

If God is concerned for the world, should I also share this concern? ____

        Is God pleased when the wicked die in their sins (Ezekiel 33:11 and compare 18:23)? ______

        What did God do to prove His love and concern for all men (Romans 5:6-8; 1 Timothy 2:6; John 3:16; 1 John 3:16; 4:14)?  ___________________________________________________________________________

        May God help us to have HIS concern and HIS love for those who are not saved!

I Can't But He Can!

        When it comes to saving lost souls, what can I do? What part do I have?

1) I Can't Save Anybody!

        According to Isaiah 45:21-22, who is the only Saviour? _________________________ Who is the only Person who is able to SAVE (Matthew 1:21 and Hebrews 7:25)? ___________________________________ Are you the Saviour or is He the Saviour? __________________________ Think about the time when you were saved. Did some man or woman save you or did the Lord Jesus Christ save you?  ___________________________________

        Who is the only Person who can give the INCREASE (1 Corinthians 3:6-7)? _______ What are men (such as Paul and Apollos) able to do (1 Corinthians 3:6)? ____________________________________________ Think of a farmer. Is he able to plant the seed? ______  Is he able to water the plants? _______  Is he able to make the plants INCREASE and GROW and BRING FORTH FRUIT?  _____ Only God can do that! The farmer can plant and water, but only God can bring forth life!

        Who is the One who adds to the church (Acts 2:47)? ________________  Can a pastor or some other man make a person part of the body of Christ or is this something that only God can do? __________________________ Who is the One who BUILDS the church (Matthew 16:18)? _________________ God saves, God gives the increase, God adds and God builds! Therefore whose responsibility is it to save souls? _________ Whose job is it to save people? ________ 

2) I Can't Forgive Sins!

        Can I go up to an unsaved person and say, “I have good news for you. I am able to forgive all of your sins!”? ______ Who is the only Person who can do this (Mark 2:7)? ____________ Can I cleanse a person's heart and make him clean on the inside? _____ Can God do this (John 15:3; 1 Corinthians 6:11)? _______

        Can I go up to an unsaved person and say, “I have good news for you. Jesus Christ died for your sins, and if you believe in Him, you can have all of your sins forgiven” (Acts l0:43)? _______

        The good news is not that I can forgive your sins, but the good news is that I can tell you about a Person who can!

3) I Can't Give A Dead Person Life!

        Suppose you were standing before the casket of a dead person. Do you have the power and authority to say to that body: “Dead person, I command you to come back to life and get out of that casket!”? _____ Suppose you were in the middle of a cemetery. You could say with a loud voice: “Attention all of you dead people. I am now going to give everyone of you life! You will no longer be dead!” You could say this, but would it do any good? _____ Can the Lord Jesus do this (compare John 11:43 and John 5:25,28)? ______

        The Bible tells us that unsaved people are spiritually _________ (Ephesians 2:1). They are DEAD and LIFELESS! They do not have eternal life.  They do not have the life of God. Who Is the only One who can give them eternal life (John 10:28)? ________________ Are you the LIFE-GIVER or Is He? ______ Did you die to provide eternal life or did He? _________ Are you the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE or is He (John 14:6)? ________________

4) I Can't Open the Eyes of the Blind!

        In most cases, there is no medical cure for blindness. The only thing that can make a blind man see is a miracle of God (John 9:1-7)! The Bible tells us that unsaved people are spiritually BLIND (2 Corinthians 4:3-4; 1 Corinthians 2:14). They cannot see and they cannot understand (Romans 3:11). Only God can open their eyes:

1.Who opened Peter's eyes (Matthew 16:16-17)?

2.Who opened Lydia's eyes and heart (Acts 16:14)?

3. We sing the song, “Once I was blind, but now I can see.”
Who opened your eyes? ____________________________

Are you the SIGHT-GIVER? _____ Are you the light of the world (John 8:12)? _____ Who is the only One who can turn on the light in the sin-darkened hearts of men? ________

5) I Can't Give Health to a Sin-Sick Person.

        Consider Luke 5:30-32. Are you the GREAT PHYSICIAN or is HE? _______ Do you have a cure for HEART DISEASE (Jeremiah 17:9) or does He? ______________ Who should we thank for “saving our soul and making us whole”?   Our Pastor?  Our parents?  Some other Christian? NO, only the Lord can make a person healthy and whole on the inside! He is the only One who can heal and save!

What Can I Do?

        I can't save. I can't forgive sins. I can't give a person life. I can't open the eyes of the blind. I can't heal a sin-sick person. I CAN'T DO ANY OF THESE THINGS. Does this mean that I should just sit around and not do anything? No, there is something that I can do and that I must do!

        I can't save a lost person, but I can point that person to the One who can! I can't forgive sins, but I can point the sinner to the God who can! I can't open the eyes of the blind, but I can point the blind to the great SIGHT-GIVER! I can't give a person life, but I can point dead people to the great LIFE-GIVER! I can't make a person healthy and whole, but I can care enough to point that person to the GREAT PHYSICIAN!

        God wants me to be a faithful POINTER! Suppose a friend were to come up to you in school and were to ask you to help him with a very difficult math problem. It is so difficult that you can't do it either! How can you help this person? Should you say, “Sorry I can't help you. There's nothing I can do for you.”? Or would it be better to point him to the math teacher or to some other good math student who can help him. You may not have the answer but you can point to the one who does. Maybe you CAN'T, but you can point to someone who CAN!

        When it comes to SAVING SOULS, God CAN! I CAN'T, but I CAN point to Him and introduce people to Him. God wants me to be a pointer and an arrow:

This is what a WITNESS is. A witness is one who points to the Saviour. A witness is like that ARROW. John the Baptist was a man who pointed clearly to the Saviour:  “There was a man sent from God whose name was J___________.  The same came for a ______________, to bear witness of the L_______________, that all men through him might believe” (John 1:6-7). Was John the Light or did John point to the Light (John 1:8)? __________________________________________

        Read John 1:29. Did John say, “I'M THE LAMB OF GOD!”? ______  John was pointing to the Saviour! He was saying, “Not me, but HE! He's the Lamb of God! He's the Saviour!”  The word “BEHOLD” is a word that is used when a speaker wants to point out something or draw attention to something (or someone). John was saying, “BEHOLD! HERE HE IS! I WANT TO POINT OUT SOMEONE TO YOU! I WANT YOUR ATTENTION TO BE FIXED ON HIM!”

God wants us to be an arrow that points straight to the Saviour! God wants us to be a signpost that points people in His direction! He does not want us to point to SELF; He wants us to point to the Saviour!

        In the next chapter we will learn more about our responsibility to point people to the Saviour and to be a clear signpost that will send people in the right direction.

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