The Deity Of Christ


In the first three chapters we considered some very important questions about man: Where did man come from? What is manís purpose? What is manís future destiny? In the next three chapters we want to consider one Manthe most important Man who ever walked this earth, the Lord Jesus Christ. Who was this Man? Where did He come from? Why was He here? What happened to Him after He died?

Who Was This Man?

If you were to ask several people who they think Jesus was, you would probably get a number of different answers: "He was the best teacher who ever lived!" "He was a great prophet!" "He was one of the worldís greatest religious leaders!" "He was a Superstar whom everyone should admire!" "He was a righteous and holy man!" "He was a man who was martyred for a cause!" "He was the most perfect man who ever lived!"

Was Jesus merely a man or was He more than a man? There have been many good teachers, many religious leaders, many prophets, many superstars and many martyrs, but they have all been merely men. For example, Muhammad is known by his followers as a prophet and a great leader, but even his followers would have to admit that Muhammad was only a man. Moses is greatly honored and respected by Jews and Christians alike, but he was only a man. Was Jesus of Nazareth only a man?

What Does "Deity" Mean?

The title of this chapter is "The Deity of Christ." "Deity" comes from a Latin word Deus which means "GOD." When a person believes in the deity of Christ he is saying, "I BELIEVE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS GOD! JESUS CHRIST IS THE SUPREME BEING!" He is more than a mere man; He is God!

There is an infinite distance that separates God from man. God is the Supreme Being, the Almighty Creator. Man is a puny creature made from the dust of the ground. There is a big difference between a man and an ant. There is a much bigger difference between God and a man! The man and the ant are both creatures. God is the mighty Maker and Creator. How foolish it would be for a man to go around telling everyone that he is God! Suppose a man came up to you and said, "Iím the Almighty God who created all things. No one is greater than me because I am the supreme ruler of the universe. Fall down and worship me." Would you believe him? Would you worship him?

If Jesus Christ really God? Is He really the Creator? Is He really the Supreme Being? Should I worship Him?

Jesus Christ is Called "God"

Read carefully John 1:1. Also read John 1:14 which tells us that "the Word" is the One who was made flesh and became a man. This first verse in Johnís Gospel says that "the Word (Jesus Christ) was __________."

Now read John 20:28. Notice how Thomas addressed the Lord. He not only said "My Lord," but he also addressed Jesus as "my _________."   Read the next verse. Did Jesus rebuke him and correct him and say, "Thomas, how dare you call me GOD. Iím not God, Iím just a man like you?" ______

In Romans 9:5 we learn that Christ is OVER ALL and that He is _______ blessed for ever! In Hebrews 1:8, is it the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit who is being addressed and spoken to? _________________ Is He called God in this verse? ________

Consider Titus 2:13.  The Bible teaches repeatedly that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is the One who is going to come again someday.  This is called "the blessed hope" (or "the happy expectation").   In this verse, Jesus is called "the g__________ G _______ and our S________________ Jesus Christ."   The Bible clearly refers to Him as God.

Now read 1 John 5:20. The last part of the verse says, "This is the _________     _______, and eternal life." Who is the TRUE GOD? Who was John talking about in this verse? ____________________________________________________

The Old Testament teaches the same thing. In Isaiah 9:6, the Christ (the Messiah) is called "the mighty __________." In Isaiah 7:14, the Christ child is given a name. He is called IMMANUEL. What does this name mean (Matthew 1:23)? ____________________________


Jesus Christ is Called "JEHOVAH"

In the Old Testament there is a Hebrew name for God which is the word "JEHOVAH." In the King James Bible the word "JEHOVAH" is indicated by using capital letters: "LORD" or sometimes "GOD."  When you read your Old Testament and you come to the word "LORD" (or sometimes "GOD") with all capital letters, this Name of God is the Hebrew word "JEHOVAH" (sometimes written as "Yahweh").

Read Isaiah 45:5-6. Can you find the word "JEHOVAH"?  It is used once in each of these verses.  These verses teach us that "JEHOVAH" is the only true God. There is only one "LORD"! There is only one Person who has a right to the name "JEHOVAH"! Only God can use that name! No one else can!

Is Jesus called "the first and the last" (Revelation 1:17-18)? ____________________ Who is the only One who can say, "I am the first and the last" (Isaiah 44:6)? ___________________________________

In Psalm 23:1, who is the great Shepherd? _____________________ In John 10:11,14, who is the great Shepherd? _________________________________

Consider also Jeremiah 23:5-6. What is the name of the great King? ___________________________________________ The Lord Jesus is the Great King (Revelation 19:16), and He will be called THE LORD (JEHOVAH) OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS! Is it wrong to call Jesus "JEHOVAH"? _______

There is another Name which God uses for Himself which is closely related to the Name "JEHOVAH". It is the name "I AM" (see Exodus 3:14). "JEHOVAH" is the great "I AM"! As we read the gospel of John we make an amazing discovery. We find out who the great I AM really is (see John 8:12; 8:58; 10:9; 10:11; 14:6; 15:1; etc.). Who is the great I AM? ________________________

Jehovahís Witnesses do not believe in the deity of Christ. They say that "JEHOVAH" is God, but Jesus is not God.  However, the Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is "JEHOVAH," and He is the great I AM!

Jesus Christ Claimed to be God

Let us look at three places in the Gospel of John in which Jesus claimed to be God. On each occasion the Jews wanted to stone Jesus because they thought it was blasphemy for a mere man to say that He was God. If anyone else had said the things that Jesus said, he would have been guilty of blasphemy, but Jesus was only telling the truth!

1) John 5:17-18

In these verses Jesus said that God was His Father (and thus that He was the Son of God). By saying that God was His Father, Jesus was making Himself  E__________ with God (verse 18). Therefore, what did the Jews want to do to this Man who claimed to be equal with God (verse 18)?  ___________________________  [Note:  The Jews wanted to stone Jesus for blasphemy.  He was claiming to be equal with God.  If Jesus had not been God, then what He said would have been blasphemy.  But since He was God, He was merely telling the truth!]

2) John 8:56-59

Abraham lived about 2000 years before Christ walked on this earth as a Man; yet, Jesus said something that shocked His audience, "Before ___________________ was, I AM" (verse 58). What if someone living today said this: "Before John the Baptist ever was, I existed!"  We would probably think, "This person is claiming to be more than 2000 years old!  He must be out of his mind!"  In this passage the Lord Jesus was claiming to be more than 2000 years old! As soon as He made this fantastic claim, what did the Jews do (verse 59)? _______________________________________________

3) John 10:30-33

Did Jesus claim to be ONE WITH GOD (verse 30)?_________ What did the Jews immediately do (verse 31)? ____________________________ Why did they want to kill Him (verse 33)? __________________________ Christ claimed to be God, and they did not like it!

Jesus Christ Possesses the Attributes of God

If Jesus Christ is really God, then whatever is true of God must also be true of Him. For example, we all know that God is Almighty. If Jesus is God, then Jesus must also be _____________________. Below are listed some of the attributes of God. MATCH the verses which show that Jesus possessed these divine attributes:

1. _____ Omniscient (knowing all things) A. 1 John 2:1
2. _____ Omnipresent (always present and everywhere present) B. John 6:64
3. _____ Omnipotent (almighty and all-powerful) C. Micah 5:2
4. _____ Eternal D. Luke 1:35
5. _____ Unchangeable E. Matthew 28:20
6. _____ Holy F. Revelation 19:11
7. _____ Righteous G. Hebrews 13:8
8. _____ Faithful H. Revelation 1:8

Jesus Christ Created All Things

The Bible proclaims that GOD is the Creator! The first chapter of the Bible makes this very clear! As we come to the pages of the New Testament, we discover that ALL THINGS were made by Jesus Christ! Can you find a verse in John chapter 1 that teaches that Jesus Christ created all things? __________________ Can you find a verse in Colossians chapter 1 that also teaches this truth? _________________  Can you find a verse in Ephesians chapter 3 that teaches that Jesus Christ created all things? ___________________

Have you ever realized that the One who died for you on the cross is the very One who created you?  Isaac Watts commemorated Christ's death in the famous lines of a hymn.  He wrote,  "Well might the sun in darkness hide, and shut His glories in, when Christ the mighty Maker died for man the creature's sin."  The Mighty Maker died on a piece of wood which He Himself created in order to save the sinful creatures (you and me). How could God die? We will learn more about that in the next chapter.

Jesus Christ Forgives Manís Sins


One day Jesus said to a man who was paralyzed, "Son, thy _______ are _____________________ thee" (Mark 2:5).  This was quite an amazing statement.  Our Lord declared that this man's sins were forgiven!

Notice the response of the Jewish scribes who heard Jesus say this:   "Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies?  Who can _________________ sins but God only?"     These Jewish men were correct in their understanding that only God can forgive sins.  The only One who can forgive sins is the One who has been sinned against (see Psalm 51:4).  When we sin, we sin against God, and He is the One who must forgive us.  You could go to the President of the United States and ask him to forgive all your sins, but he would be powerless to do so.   The President needs his sins forgiven as much as you do.   Only God can forgive sins.

If Jesus were not God, then it would have been blasphemy for Him to claim to be able to forgive sins.  A mere man should never make such a claim.  But Jesus was not a mere man, He was the God-Man (perfect God and perfect Man).   There was only one reason why Jesus could forgive sins.  It was because He was God.

The Lord Jesus proved that He could forgive sins.  Read Mark 2:8-12.  The Lord Jesus healed this paralyzed man which was something that only God could do.  He did this so that these people would know that He was also able to forgive sins.  See Mark 2:10.  "I'll do something that only God can do (heal the paralyzed man--a visible miracle) so that you will know that I am able to do something else that only God can do (forgive a man's sins--an invisible miracle). 

Jesus Christ is to be Trusted In
(He is to be the Object of our Faith)

Jesus said, ". . . ye believe in God, believe also in ______" (John 14:1). God does not tell us to believe in the President of the United States. God does not tell us to put our faith in men. In fact, God says, "C________________ be the man that trusteth in ________" (Jeremiah 17:5). In whom should we put our trust (Jeremiah 17:7)? ________________  (notice the capital letters).

Who should be the object of our faith?   In whom should we put our faith (Acts 16:31)? _______________________________   God tells us never to trust man but to place our trust in God and in God only.  He also tells us to put our trust in Jesus Christ.  If we are to trust in God and in God only and if we are told to trust in the Lord Jesus, then the Lord Jesus must be God!   God alone is worthy of our trust.

Jesus Christ Demands Our Supreme Love

According to Matthew 10:37, we are to love the Lord Jesus...  (Circle the correct answer.)

a.  less than

b.  as much as

c.  more than

those in our family who are closest to us.

Does the Lord Jesus have the right to demand such undivided love from us? Does God have the right to demand such love from us (see Deuteronomy 6:5)? _______ If Jesus Christ is really "the LORD thy God," then we must love Him supremely. Godís curse is on those who do not love Him (see 1 Corinthians 16:22). 

Jesus Christ Demands Our Worship

In Acts 14:11-15, the people started worshipping Barnabas and Paul. Paul said in verse 15, "Why do ye these things? We also are m _______ of like passions with you...." Who is the only Person who should be worshipped (verse 15)? _______________________ Did Peter let Cornelius worship him (Acts 10:25-26)? ______ Why not? ________________________________

In Revelation 19:10 and 22:8-9, the apostle John started to worship an angel. Did the angel allow this or did he put a stop to this? _____________________________  The angel said something like this:  Do not worship me. Worship ___________.

According to Jesus, who is the only Person who should be worshipped (Matthew 4:8-10)? ____________________

Did people worship Jesus (see Matthew 14:31-33; Matthew 28:9-10; John 9:35-39)?  ______ Did Jesus accept this worship, or did He stop people from worshipping Him? ______________________  Did Jesus want people to honor Him just as they honor the Father (John 5:23)?  ___________________ Whom do the angels worship (Hebrews 1:6)? ___________________ Who is being worshipped in Revelation 5:8-12? ___________________________

If Christ is really God, then we must believe on Him and love Him and obey Him and worship Him!

His Name is Wonderful, His Name is Wonderful,
His Name is Wonderful, Jesus my Lord.
He is the Mighty King, Master of everything,
His Name is Wonderful, Jesus my Lord.

Heís the great Shepherd, the Rock of all ages,
Bow down before Him, love and adore Him,
His Name is wonderful, Jesus my Lord!

Can you say, as Thomas did (John 20:28), "My Lord and My God"?   Is the only living God your personal God?


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