The Arrest Of Christ

The Kiss Of Love From A Heart Of Hate

Following His agony in the garden (see Chapter 11), Jesus knew that the H____________ was  _____     __________ (Matthew 26:45) and that He must soon D____________ from the terrible C______ which the Father had given to Him (John 18:11).

When Judas appeared in the garden, with all those who were with him (Mark 14:43; John 18:3), do you think the Lord was taken by surprise (see Matthew 26:21-25; 26:46; John 18:4)? ______ Consider Luke 22:22 and explain how this verse declares both God’s sovereignty (God has devised a perfect plan) and man’s responsibility (man must face a just Judge) in the case of Judas.
Compare also Acts 2:23.

Judas did not come alone. Matthew says that he had with him a G___________  M___________________ (Matthew 26:47). John, another eyewitness, gives the most complete description of those who came with Judas: "Judas then, having received a  ______________ of men (soldiers) and _____________________ from the chief priests and Pharisees" (John 18:3). The word "band" is a military term which refers to a Roman "cohort" which at full strength consisted of one-tenth of a LEGION (a legion was made up of 6,000 soldiers). Thus a cohort, at full strength, would equal 600 soldiers. Since Jerusalem was packed with people for the Passover feast, the Roman rulers had numerous soldiers on hand to stop any possible uprising or revolt. The Jewish leaders were thus able to procure the services of a Roman cohort to arrest Christ. Whether there were actually 600 Roman soldiers present in the garden we cannot be sure, but certainly there was a vast number.

The Jewish leaders had their officers as well (John 18:3– these were "temple-police"; compare Luke 22:52). Were the Jewish leaders deeply involved in the process of arresting the Lord Jesus (Mark 14:43; Matthew 26:47; Luke 22:52)? _____ Thus the combined power of the Jews and Romans was brought against one unarmed Man! The children of darkness carried their lanterns and torches (John 18:3) so that they might seize the L__________ of the _____________ (John 8:12)! They were armed with swords and clubs and weapons (Mark 14:43; John 18:3) so that they might take the P____________ of P_____________ (Isaiah 9:6)!

Judas had previously made arrangements with the enemies of Christ and given them a clear sign by which they could easily identify the One they should arrest. What was this sign or token (Mark 14:44)? _______________________________________ The word "to kiss" comes from a verb (phileo) which also means "to love, to show affection towards a friend or loved one." The noun (philos) means "friend." Judas performed this most horrible deed under the guise of friendship and loving affection. The word "kissed" as it is used in Mark 14:45 and Matthew 26:49 actually indicates that Judas kissed Jesus fervently (a kiss that was prolonged with a show of affection). Notice what the Lord said to Judas in Luke 22:48. It would have been far more appropriate (more in line with his real character) for Judas to have given another sign: "Whoever I shall spit upon, that is He, take Him and lead Him away." If you were in the Lord’s place, would you rather have Judas kiss you or spit upon you? _________________________________ At least the spitting would come from an unpretending heart and it would be carried out from a greater distance. It would still be a terrible sin, but at least it would not be hypocritical.

Before we say too much against Judas, let us search our own hearts. Do I really love the Lord Jesus or am I a phony pretender? Is my affection for Christ sincere? Do I "kiss" the Lord on Sunday while in church and then "betray" Him the rest of the week by the way I live and the things I do? Do I really belong with the disciples of Christ or do I belong with the enemies of Christ?

The Captive Who Was In Complete Command

Carefully read John 18:4-6. When the Lord identified Himself ("I AM"–compare John 14:26; 6:20; 8:24,28,58), what happened to the great host of soldiers and Jews? __________________________________________________  Did Judas fall with them (John 18:5-6)? ______ It must have been an amazing sight to see hundreds of trained Roman soldiers and a multitude of Jews on the ground and eleven disciples and one unarmed Jesus being the only ones on their feet! All this took place because Jesus simply said TWO WORDS ("I AM")! 

As the great multitude was getting back on their feet it was as if Jesus were saying, "Men, I’m going to give you permission to arrest Me, but before I do, I just wanted to remind you Who is really in control!" The Son of God was in complete command of the situation! He was simply reminding His supposed captors of a truth that He had already taught in John 10:11,17,18. Jesus willingly and voluntarily GAVE HIS LIFE, and thus they were able to take Him. Otherwise it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for them to take Him (compare John 7:30; 8:20; Luke 4:28-30; etc.)! What was it that made the Lord give Himself up (Galatians 2:20; Ephesians 5:2,25)? ___________________________  If He was willing to do that, what response should this produce in me (1 John 3:16-18; 4:9-11; John 13:34-35; 15:12-13)?

The Prayer Jesus Never Prayed

According to John 18:10-11, Peter rushed to the Lord’s rescue, and with a great zeal and poor aim, he sliced off the right ear of a man named Malchus! According to Luke the physician, what did Jesus do about this situation (Luke 22:51)? ____________________________

Note: With the amazing spectacle of suddenly falling to the ground (John 18:6) and the supernatural healing of the ear of Malchus (Luke 22:51), the army that arrested Jesus was rendered without excuse! They could never say, "We had no reason to believe He was the Son of God!"

The Lord had to inform Peter that He really did not need his help. He could have prayed, and the Father, without a second’s delay, would have given Him  ________    ________  twelve _______________ of ____________ (Matthew 26:53). A LEGION at full strength consisted of 6,000 soldiers. Thus, if we use this figure, twelve legions would equal ___________________ soldiers. Would the Father have sent this many angels or more than this many? ______________________________ It’s hard to imagine such an immense angelic army! The Romans only had one cohort (perhaps as many as 600 soldiers) on duty to arrest Christ. A cohort is one-tenth of a legion. Twelve legions would contain how many cohorts? _________________________ Certainly one angel alone could easily wipe out an entire Roman cohort! If Christ had made this request, then the Lord Himself and each of the eleven disciples would have had at least one complete legion of angels to protect them (more than twelve legions in total)!

Did Jesus pray this prayer?  ______  Why not (John 18:11)? ___________________________________________________________ He could not save Himself if He would save us! The Son of man __________ be lifted up on Calvary’s Cross (John 3:14; compare Matthew 16:21)! Amazing love!

Peter and the other disciples dispersed and fled like scared rabbits (Mark 14:50), even as Jesus had predicted (Matthew 26:31-35; note in verse 35, "all the disciples" said this!). Jesus was betrayed by one and forsaken by the rest. Later another young man (probably John Mark, the one who wrote the gospel of Mark) also fled (Mark 14:51-52). "Alone Jesus faces His enemies, alone He suffers, and alone He is going to lay down His life, in order that all those who accept [receive] Him as their Savior and Lord may never be alone. Hallelujah, what a Savior!" --William Hendriksen

About 53 days later, Peter once again took a sword and used it against the enemies of Christ, and this time he was successful! His sword did much more than slice off an ear; it pierced deeply into the hearts of thousands of people! This powerful sword was not made of metal, but it is described in Hebrews 4:12 and Ephesians 6:17. Peter is seen using this mighty sword in Acts chapter 2. How well did this sword penetrate (Acts 2:37)? _________________________________________________________

Instead of bringing death, Peter’s sword brought life to thousands (Acts 2:41 and compare Hebrews 4:12, "quick" or "living")! Moreover, the same sword Peter used is the very same sword which is available for your use today (compare 2 Corinthians 10:4)!

Are you a submissive believer who rightly uses God’s Sword in the power of God’s Spirit? If so, let the enemies of God BEWARE!!