Dr. Manfred Kober
Biblical and Theological Studies


Dr. Manfred Kober is a native of Germany. Born of Christian parents who perished as a result of World War II, he grew up in the war-torn province of Saxony, where he experienced Communist oppression firsthand. In 1952 he miraculously escaped to western Germany, leaving behind his relatives, including a brother and sister. Due to his background, Dr. Kober has a special love for America and a unique perspective on its place in history.

Dr. Kober received his Th.M and Th.D. degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. He taught from 1969 until 1999 at the Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa, chairing the Department of Theology. He also served as the research assistant for Russ Doughten Films and Mustard Seed International, a worldwide evangelism outreach ministry specializing in evangelistic Christian films and discipleship training.

Dr. Kober has contributed to a number of publications. He travels widely in a Bible conference ministry, speaking on such topics as prophecy, the Bible and archaeology, the Christian and his country, contemporary ethical issues and important issues facing fundamentalists.


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We at the Middletown Bible Church consider Dr. Kober a sound Bible teacher, and one who has spoken from our pulpit on numerous occasions.  We appreciate his love for the Holy Scriptures and his earnest desire to teach it to others.  He is a solid dispensationalist and a good student of prophecy.  For this reason we are posting some of his Biblical and theological studies.  The posting of this material does not mean that we necessarily agree with every point Dr. Kober makes.  Every believer is urged to search the Scriptures to see if these things be so (Acts 17:11), and this applies to the teaching of Dr. Kober and every other Bible teacher. "Prove all things [test all things by the Word of God]; hold fast that which is good" (1 Thess. 5:21).


Theology Manuals by Manfred Kober

Bibliology - the Doctrine of the Bible

Theology Proper - the Doctrine of God

Christology - the Doctrine of Christ

Pneumatology - the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Angelology - the Doctrine of Angels

Anthropology - the Doctrine of Man

Harmartiology - the Doctrine of Sin

Soteriology - the Doctrine of Salvation

Ecclesiology - the Doctrine of the Church

Eschatology - the Doctrine of Last Things (Prophecy)

Manuals Covering Special Topics

Majestic Mountains of Sacred Scriptures

Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics)

Important Issues Facing Fundamentalists

Spiritual Lessons from Scriptural Landscapes

Troublesome Trends and Timeless Truths

Practical Prophecies for Concerned Christians:
Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - The Best is Yet To Come, The Christian's Extraordinary Future
Chapter 2 - The Rapture of the Church, The Believer's Fondest Hope
Chapter3 - The Bema Seat of Christ, The Believer's Finest Hour
Chapter 4 - A Neglected Truth About the Future, The Believer's Intermediary Body
Chapter 5 - What Will We Be Doing For All Eternity?  The Saint's Splendid Prospect
Chapter 6 - The Heavenly Jerusalem, The Christian's Eternal Home
Chapter 7 - Will Christ Return in our Lifetime?  A Review of the Signs of the Times


The Truth About the Bible

Bibliology - (The Bible)

Theology Proper (God's Person and Attributes)

Theology Proper (Supplemental)

Christology (The Person and Work of Jesus Christ)

Pneumatology (The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Angelology (Angels, Including Satan and Demons)

Anthropology (Man)

Hamartiology (Sin)

Soteriology (Salvation)

Ecclesiology-1 (The Church)

Ecclesiology-2 (The Church)

Eschatology (Prophecy)


  Dr. Kober's Studies in Other Languages

LA ARQUEOLOGÍA--La Palabra Y La Pala  -Archaeology and the Bible (Spanish)

Un Panorama de la Prophetie Biblique - A Panorama of Bible Prophecy (French)

Panorama der Endzeit - Prophecy Studies by Manfred Kober (German)



For additional studies by Dr. Kober, go to ManfredKober.com



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