What Does
Mormonism Teach?

Is Glenn Beck Saved?

This study is written by Pastor Kelly Sensenig.  The lead question is whether Glenn Beck is a saved man but the article is really a very helpful study on the teachings of Mormonism. Pastor Sensenig does an excellent job showing how the teachings of Mormonism are radically contrary to the historic Christian faith as taught in the Bible, God's Word. 

Glenn Beck is a great American, a man who dearly loves his country and the principles upon which it was founded.  He is probably doing more than any other person in the media to expose the radical elements in our society and to reveal the true agenda of these people who are bent on the destruction of America.

Our prayer for Glenn Beck is that he might renounce the evil teachings of Mormonism, and embrace the glorious gospel of God's grace, even the good news of Jesus Christ and the salvation that He died to provide.

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