Progressive Dispensationalism


A Book Edited by
Ron Bigalke, Jr.





Subtitle:  An Analysis of the Movement and Defense of Traditional Dispensationalism.


Publisher:  University Press of America, Inc., Lanham, Maryland (1-800-462-6420)


Date:  2005


Editor:  Ron J. Bigalke, Jr.

This book analyzes Progressive Dispensationalism, points out its problems and defends traditional dispensationalism.  It is highly recommended.


The chapters are as follows:


Foreward by Dr. John  C. Whitcomb


Introduction:  "History of Dispensationalism" by Ron J. Bigalke Jr. and Thomas D. Ice


Chapter 1:  "The Hermeneutics of Progressive Dispensationalism" by Robert L. Thomas


Chapter 2:  "The Relationship Between Covenants and Dispensations" by Ron J. Bigalke Jr. and Mal Couch


Chapter 3:  "The Abrahamic Covenant" by Ron J. Bigalke, Jr.


Chapter 4:  "The Land Covenant" by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum


Chapter 5:  "The Davidic Covenant" by Thomas H. Cragoe


Chapter 6:  "The New Covenant" by Stephen R. Lewis


Chapter 7:  "The Kingdoms in Dispensationalism" by David Criswell


Chapter 8:  "Development or Departure?" by George Zeller


Chapter 9:  "Contingency of the Davidic Reign" by Ron J. Bigalke Jr. and George Gunn


Chapter 10:  "The Church Dispensation and the 'Times of Refreshing' " by Mal Couch


Chapter 11:  "Prophetic Postponement in Daniel 9:24-27" by Randall Price


Chapter 12:  "Progressive Dispensationalism and Cessationism" by Bruce A. Baker


Chapter 13:  "Does Progressive Dispensationalism Teach a Posttribulational Rapture?"  by John Brumett


Chapter 14:  "Interpretation Regarding the Millennium and the Eternal State" by an anonymous author


Chapter 15:  "Dangers of Progressive Dispensationalism to Premillennial Theology" by Wayne House


Chapter 16:  "Is Progressive Dispensationalism Really Dispensational?"  by Bruce A. Baker


The book, unfortunately, is expensive.  It lists for $53.00.  Amazon offers it for $45.70.  Perhaps through an internet search one can find it for less.

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