Terms of Salvation


What Does a Person Need to Do to be Saved?



"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
 and thou shalt be saved" (Acts 16:31)  
"For by grace are ye saved through faith" (Eph.2:8) 
"Believe and be saved" (Luke 8:12, end of verse).


There is much confusion today about even the A, B, C's of salvation, and this would include what a person needs to do in order to be saved.  Nothing is more important than understanding what a person must do in order to have God's gift of eternal life.   Some say that it is by faith in Christ alone.  Others teach that it is by faith plus water baptism.   Some believe that eternal life is gained by surrendering to Christ's Lordship and by fulfilling the demands of discipleship.  Many believe that salvation is gained by performing good works or by keeping the Ten Commandments or by fulfilling whatever requirements are required by their particular religion.   But what does the Bible say?


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Terms of Salvation



Salvation Through Faith in Christ Alone!


What Does It Mean to be Saved By Grace?


Is a Person Saved by Coming to Christ?


Is a Person Saved by Confessing Christ?


Is a Person Saved by Calling upon the Name of the Lord?


Is a Person Saved by Water Baptism?


Is a Person Saved by Performing Good Works?


Is a Person Saved by Keeping the Ten Commandments?   See also The Rich Young Ruler


Is a Person Saved by Selling All That He Has and Giving to the Poor?


Is a Person Saved by Repentance?


Is a Person Saved by Conversion (Being Converted)?


Is a Person Saved by Obeying God?


Is a Person Saved by Fulfilling the Demands of Discipleship?


Is a Person Saved by Surrendering to Christ's Lordship?


Is a Person Saved by Being Regenerated Prior to Faith?


Can a Young Child Be Saved?


Can a Saved Person Do Something to Lose His Salvation?  Will God Disown His Child?



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