Object Lessons
Illustrating Biblical Truth

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God--His Nature and Character

Man Looks on the Outward Appearance; God looks on the Heart
Teaching About God Using Three Amazing Paper Circles
God's Faithfulness to All Generations
The God of the Impossible!  Can a Match Really Lift an ice Cube?
God's Protection--Tissues Immersed in Water but Stay Dry!
God Sees the Heart (1 Samuel 16:7) -- How To Tell the Difference Between a Raw Egg and a Hard Boiled Egg
God is Invisible (1 Timothy 1:17) -- Making a Glass Jar Disappear!

The Bible 

Seed Illustration (The Incorruptible Seed)


Trying to Do My Best--Dentist Story
Book Covers (Good Illustration for a Baptism Service)
God's Free Gifts of Air and Salvation
Dead Car Battery
Cleansed by Jesus Christ
Salvation Taught By Crayon Colors
The Tea Bag Gospel
The Four Soils of Matthew 13 Illustrated by Four Containers
How Long Is Eternity?
The Brevity of Life - The Grass Withers and the Flower Fades (Isaiah 40:6-8)
1 Peter 3:18  Can We Make It On Our Own?


Autos Recalled and God's Recall (Creation and the Fall)
Broken Egg - Illustration of Man's Fall
Cat Food Brownies  [PDF format]
Baits and Hooks (Recognizing Temptations)
Bad Habits (Victory Over Sin)
Are Guns and Knives Evil?

Spiritual Growth

A Newborn Baby--1 Peter 2:2 
Wanting More--1 Peter 2:3
Cell Phone Charger

Living For Christ

Giving Myself to the Lord2 Cor. 8:5
Faithfulness in the Little Things (Basketball Illustration)
A Vessel Fit for the Master's use
Fear and Faith Cannot Live Together
How To Respond to Bad News (Trusting God)
Knowing that the Victory Is Ours!  (Basketball Illustration)
Cell Phone (Prayer, The Greatest Wireless Connection)
Shining for the Lord (The Flashlight and the Plugged In Lamp Mocking Each Other!)
You Cannot Live the Christian Life Without God and His Strength (John 15:5)

Trials and Problems and Difficulties

When Things Do Not Go As Expected, God is Not Surprised (Amazing Numbers Demonstration)

Sharing Christ With Others

Beautiful Feet
God Must Be Involved in Sharing the Gospel (Amazing Experiment)

The Body of Christ

The Parable of the Tools
Choir Members Doing Their Own Thing
Various Functions and Gifts in the Church Illustrated by Kitchen Utensils
Believers Working Together as Illustrated by a Chess Board
Altos Out of Harmony
Wonderful Object Lesson for a Local Church Business Meeting by Lehman Strauss
Communion - "This is My body...This is My blood"

Biblical Events Illustrated

The Confusion of Languages at Babel



Object Lesson on the Rapture (Salt and Pepper)

Holidays and Special Days

New Year (Calendar Illustration)
The Atheist's Holiday (Are We Practical Atheists?)
The Remarkable Story of the Pilgrim, John Howland (Thanksgiving)
The Candy Cane (Christmas)
The Santa God (Christmas)
The Empty Tomb (Resurrection Sunday)
Mother's Day Object Lesson

Patriotic Lessons

Veterans and Our Freedom
Coins and Bills and Presidents

The Wonders of Creation

Brazil Nuts
Thank God for the Banana
Everyone is Created Unique and Special for God's Purpose (Illustrated by Different Sports Balls)
Questions Posed by an Ape


Something Better is Coming! [Fork Illustration]




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