Persistent Sin Leads To Sure Ruin


Everyone in class should close their Bible and see who can find the hook of Micah first (hint: it is toward the end of the Old Testament before you get to Matthew). Micah is one of 12 books which are called "THE MINOR PROPHETS." This does not mean that these books are unimportant. How much of God’s Word is important and profitable (2 Timothy 3:16)? ______ How much of God’s Word should man live by (Matthew 4:4)? ___________________________
__________________________ These hooks are called "MINOR" because they are short books. The "MAJOR" prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel) are large books that have many chapters each. Can you name some of the other minor prophets?

Who Was Micah?

Micah was a Hebrew prophet who lived more than 700 years before Christ. He lived after the time of Abraham and Moses and David and Solomon. He lived before the time of Jeremiah and Daniel and Peter and Paul.

During the time of Micah the Jewish people were divided into two kingdoms. There was the Southern Kingdom called JUDAH with its capital in Jerusalem and there was the Northern Kingdom called ISRAEL with its capital in Samaria. The following map shows these two kingdoms:

What two cities did

Micah give God’s Word

to (see Micah 1:1)?

    1. _________________________
    2. _________________________


The Northern Kingdom of Israel had a king and the Southern Kingdom of Judah had a king. In Micah 1:1 we learn the names of three kings of J_________________ (the southern kingdom) who sat on the throne during the days when Micah proclaimed God’s message. Who were these three kings?




There was another great prophet who lived at this same time. What was his name (see Isaiah 1:1)? __________________ In Isaiah chapter 1 we learn something about the spiritual condition of the Jewish people who lived during the days of Micah and Isaiah. Read Isaiah 1:2-6,16,18. How are these people described? ____________________________________________
________________________________________________________________________________________ How would you describe the people that live in our nation today?

A Time of Great Wickedness

It has been said that "people are no better than their leaders." Very often the people will follow their leader--for better or for worse. Let’s take a look at two of the kings that lived during the time of Micah and see what kind of men they were. First we will look at a King from the southern kingdom of Judah and then we will look at a King from the northern kingdom of Israel:

1) AHAZ (the king of Judah)

We learn about this king in 2 Kings chapter 16. Was he a good #king like David (2 Kings 16:2)? ______ Did he follow the bad example of the kings of Israel (2 Kings 16:3)? ____ He even made his sons pass through the fire (child sacrifice) t These things are an ABOMINATION to the Lord. An abomination is something that God hates and detests (it makes Him sick!). Did Aha: worship the one true God or did he worship idols (2 Kings 16:4)? _________________ ________________________ Would you want a man like this to be President of your country? ___________

2) PEKAH (the king of Israel)

We learn about this king in 2 Kings chapter 15. Did he do what was good in God’s sight or evil in God’s sight (2 Kings 15:27-28)? _________________________________ Did he depart (turn away from) the sins of Jeroboam (an earlier king of Israel) or did he continue in these sins? ______________________________________ Would you want a man like this to be the President of your country? ___________

Meaning A Name

In Bible times, names meant something. For example, the name "JESUS" means "SAVIOUR" (see Matthew 1:21) and the name "EMMANUEL" means "GOD WITF US" (see Matthew 1:23). The name "MICAH" also means something. This name means: WHO IS LIKE THE LORD?

How would you answer this question? Is there anyone like the LORD? Is there anyone else that can do what God can do (see Micah 7:18)? ____ A long time ago, Moses asked this same question (see Exodus 15:11). How would you answer this question? __________________
_________________________ The Jewish people who lived in the days of Micah needed to know that there was no one like the LORD! If God is the only God, then why should people worship and serve idols? We should love and serve and worship God with all of our hearts because THERE IS NO ONE ELSE! If you were on a sinking ship and there were 5 life rafts floating near you, you could take your pick as to which one you would grab. But if there was only one life raft, then you would have no choice. You would either have to grab it or perish! NO ONE ELSE IS LIKE THE LORD! He is the only Lord and God and Saviour! Either a person can grab Him (trust Him) or perish! God has said, "Look unto and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am ______ and there is _______ ______ (Isaiah 45:22).

God’s Prophet

God had a message! This message was for everyone (see Micah 1-2) but it was especially for those living in the capital cities of S_________________________ and J____________ __________ (Micah 1:1). Micah was the man chosen to deliver God’s message. Micah was God’s mouthpiece. According to Micah 1:1, what was it that came to Micah:

a. his own thoughts

b. the Word of the LORD

c. his own ideas

d. the words of Micah

How does God speak to man today? If God wants to speak to the people of our country, what does He do? Does He send a prophet to Washington D.C.? How do men hear God’s message today?

The message that God wants men to hear today is found in the Bible. God does not want us to wait for someone like Micah to come our way. God has already given us His message and it is found in the Bible. Let us not be lazy, but let us find out what God has said to us! God has spoken to us but we need to read and study and find out what He has said!

The Message God Gave Micah

As we think about the book of Micah (7 Chapters), what is the message that God gave to the Jewish people so long ago? The book of Micah makes it very clear that RITUALISM is no substitute for RIGHTEOUSNESS. Ritualism is going through the outward motions and being "religious" on the outside without being right on the inside. God wants RIGHTEOUSNESS on the inside and on the outside!

The book also shows us that when men seek to repent and seek to he right before God, the LORD then delights to pardon and forgive (Micah 7:18)! He is a PARDONING and a FORGIVING God! If God was not a forgiving God, how many people would be in heaven (compare Psalm 130:3)? _____________

The book also teaches us that SIN (wrong attitude and action; wrong condition and conduct) leads to certain suffering and judgment. God cannot bless sin; He must judge it! When men go against God, God must go against them!



Because of man’s sin, there is a need for God’s answer and solution. God’s solution is THE MESSIAH (the Lord Jesus Christ). The book of Micah tells us about the Messiah’s Coming, His Control (as King), His Comfort and His Correction (of the problems). Micah lived hundreds of years before the time of the Messiah, but he spoke and wrote about the coming of Christ (see one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible found in Micah 5:2).

The People’s Persistent Sin

Micah mentions the sin of the people in Micah 1:5. The word "persistent" means "to go on with something, to continue in something, to repeat something again and again, to not stop doing something." These people were persisting IN SIN! They continued in their sin and they refused to change or repent or fix it! They refused to stop sinning and they refused to turn to the Lord.

Those who persist in sin will always end up ruined! God cannot help people who refuse to REPENT (to change their mental attitude and to change their mind about sin) * God wants people to work at resolving their person and problems (RESOLVING means that a person needs to take apart the pieces which have been wrongly put together and to put them together in the right way). How can a doctor help a person that does not want to be helped? How can a dentist pull your tooth out if you refuse to even get in his chair?

Sin does not pay! It does not pay to go against God (to go in the wrong direction). Suppose you were riding a bicycle against a very strong wind. This is very difficult. As long as you keep going in the same direction you are fighting the wind all the way. There ~s only one way to go with the wind: YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR DIRECTION and go the opposite way! You must turn! Sinners need to turn from their evil ways and start going God’s way. If they refuse to do this, then they are in for great trouble!


Man going his own wicked way

Watch Out! Headed For Collision!  

When man persists in going his own sinful way, then he has nothing to look forward to except a collision! He will run right into the judgment of God.

This is just what Micah was saying! The northern kingdom of Israel was the first kingdom to head for collision. In 722 B. C. the great Assyrian army invaded the land and destroyed the capital city of Samaria and the Assyrian king (SARGON) carried away 27,000 people as KAPTIVES! This is described in Micah 1:6. The great city of Samaria would become a HEAP (nothing but a pile of stones). God sent the Assyrians to judge His sinful people. The HOLY GOD came down in judgment (Micah 1:2-3) and there was a great collision!

There was trouble also for the southern kingdom of Judah. Micah says that the enemy will come to the very G___________ of Jerusalem (Micah 1:9). This is exactly what happened. The mighty Assyrian army came right to the gate of Jerusalem in 701 B. C. It seemed as if Jerusalem would become a heap of rubble just like Samaria, but God did a miracle and the city was spared. You can read about this in 2 Kings 18 and 19.

We need to learn a lesson from what happened to these people. There may be problems in our own lives that we are .not resolving and not fixing. God can fix these problems, but only if we let him do it! If we continue to go our own way and Eight God and refuse to chan4e direction, then we must face certain RUIN! There is nothing ahead but a collision!

What does sinful man need to do to avoid a collision (Zechariah 1:3)? _______________ _________________ If sinful man does this, then what will God do (Zechariah 1:3)? _________
____________________________ God will do His part! HAVE YOU DONE YOUR PART? God does not want to JUDGE you, what does He want to do (John 12:47)? _________________