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Perhaps you can help!

(Luke 4:18)

It is our desire to be helpful to those in prison who indicate an interest in receiving spiritual help, even the good news of salvation centering in the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ, God's only Saviour.  We also want to see these men and women continue in God's Word by means of personal Bible study.

From our experience we have found that inmates often profit from doing Bible studies by way of correspondence.  They have plenty of time to devote to Bible study and they also enjoy receiving mail.

We are presently working with hundreds of inmates throughout the country by way of our Bible correspondence course.  A large number of these have completed hundreds and in some cases even thousands of pages of Bible study materials.  Each prisoner receives a certificate upon completion of each course of study.  Here are the courses we offer to inmates:

Introductory Lesson 1--Gospel of John Bible Study (brings a person through the plan of salvation using only verses in the Gospel of John.

Introductory Lesson 2--Personal Bible Study (brings a person through the plan of salvation using many other verses)

We then start the inmate on our BASIC DOCTRINES course which is in six installments (100 pages in total):

Basic Doctrines, Part 1

Basic Doctrines Part 2

Basic Doctrines Part 3

Basic Doctrines Part 4

Basic Doctrines Part 5

Basic Doctrines Part 6

After the inmate completes the Basic Doctrines course he received a certificate and he then begins the advanced lessons which consist of thousands of pages of Bible study worksheets.  Here are the next six courses they will be receiving (and there are many more courses after that):

The Gospel of John (over 100 pages)

Man, Christ, Sin and the Cross

Spiritual Life


Personal Evangelism

Shedding Light on the Dispensations

...and many more

Perhaps you can help us.  If you know of someone in prison or in a correctional institution, you may want to consider sending them the following document (which can easily be printed out from your computer):

Gospel of John Bible Study--If the inmate does not have a Bible, it might be necessary to also send him a copy of the Gospel of John (KJV version) which is all that he needs to complete this Bible Study.   This brief Bible study exposes a person to God's plan of salvation using only verses found in the Gospel of John.

If the inmate completes this study and sends it back to us (as per the instructions), then we will correct it and send him the beginning of a much lengthier Bible study (Basic Doctrines, see above) dealing with such important subjects as the inspiration of the Bible, the sinfulness of man, salvation through Christ, justification, redemption, sanctification, holy living, eternal security, etc.

As long as the inmate completes the lesson and sends it back to us, he will continue to receive additional lessons.  Some of our prisoners have done thousands of pages of Bible studies.  Often we provide postage and envelopes for the inmates as well (as God provides and assuming the prison allows for such).

May many who are physically confined find spiritual deliverance and freedom from sin. 

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed" (John 8:36).

The following are just some of the responses which we have received from inmates in the past year or so:

I thank God Almighty for Middletown Bible Church. You have all been such a blessing in my life. I pray God continues to bless you that you may continue being a blessing in the lives of others.

I was truly blessed by this lesson. There was so much meat!

I just wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate so much the time and effort to help me learn more about My Savior and myself as well. My eyes have been opened to a lot of false teaching that I believed was Truth but was not. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for the lessons. I have really enjoyed doing them, and looking forward to the next lessons. I am hoping to be going home soon. If so, I am wondering if I can continue the Bible study lessons when I get out. I am doing well in my walk with the Lord. I want to get closer though. I have been reading my Bible faithfully; I have not missed a day. I want very much to be a better person, daughter, mother, grandmother and sister when I get out. My children said they would go to church with me when I get out.

I thought I would take this opportunity to drop you a few lines to let you know how much I appreciate all of the kindness that you have demonstrated towards me. I find it difficult to fully express exactly how much your concern for my spiritual welfare has meant to me. I'm looking forward to receiving my next lesson.

Thank you. Because of you my relationship with the Lord has grown 10 fold over. I pray daily. Just today I was granted parole.

I love to learn about my Lord. Thank you for helping me.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless each and every volunteer and member of the congregation at MBC for being faithful stewards of the gifts that He's given you, and using it to the best of your ability. He wanted me to let you know—keep up the good work. That you for everything.

Thank you so much for your time, so that I can learn more about God's Truths. May God bless you abundantly for your obedience in teaching others.

Thank you so much for all those great lessons. I love to learn about our great God!

I am learning a lot about Jesus who died for our sins.

I want to first give glory and thanks to God through Jesus Christ for using y'all for me to better understand and know Him. This Bible study is very great. I get a lot out of it. Not to mention I am growing to know Jesus a lot better. The Holy Spirit is working heavily on me. It's been a wonderful experience with this Bible study. Can't wait for the next one.

I want you to know that your Bible study is my favorite of all that I've worked on. Whenever I have questions, when other studies confuse me, I just sense the Spirit of yours guiding me to the right answer.

I'm truly enjoying your studies of the Bible. They have given me a better understanding about the Father, the Holy Ghost and helped with my strength and guidance. I have a better understanding with my relationship with God.

I would proudly like to inform you that I believe I have turned myself over to God completely (and honestly). I don't know how to start thanking you for your prayers and Bible studies. It's going a long way and is keeping me in good spirits. God bless.

My life is becoming more and more Christ-like through your studies of God. I want to continue in any and all studies you have to offer me. Pray for me that God keeps me.

I appreciate everything you've done. I really enjoy learning about our Lord on a daily basis. God is good!!!

I sincerely enjoyed studying these chapters of the Gospel of John. They were and are very spiritual and heart filling as I will testify, that I truly felt the merciful love of the Lord tugging at my spirit inspiring me to focus deeply into His life giving Word. Amen!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to send me these study materials. Your thoughtfulness will certainly be rewarded—soon!! May God bless all you there at MBC.

One inmate sent the following poem which he had written:

My God in heaven has made a way
That's why I'm able to smile today
He saved my soul, He made me whole.
Forgave my sins, this I know!
He sent His Son to die for me
To give me life for eternity.
I will praise His name, I will lift Him up.
He renewed my mind, no longer corrupt.
This I know and I'll proclaim
There is Power in my Savior's Name.
This I know and I'll proclaim
That Jesus lives, that Jesus reigns!

[From the father of an inmate] I'd like to thank you for reaching out to my son. Every time I visit or he calls me he tells me of your ministering Bible lessons to him and how much he is enjoying this. I think and pray that it's so, that the Lord is truly doing a work of grace in his heart. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you.

Thank you for helping me to better understand God's Word through the Bible studies.

The study on dispensations has been the most enlightening course to date. Some of the info, although contradicting some of my past learning, has really spiked my interest in end times prophesy. Very, very, good stuff indeed!

Well, 43 more days and I should be released from prison. I just want to thank you for sticking with me. We have been together now for a little over 3 years. I am thankful for the studies that you have sent me over these few years. At times when I was feeling so down I would get into a study and it would pick me up and I tell you I thanked the Lord for you in those times. I would be blessed. I hope when I get out that I can continue my studies with you. I consider ya all my church family and I'm thankful for you. I hope there are others like me that are in prison that have done the same and done your studies. I will keep you in prayer. Please do the same for me and may God bless you all.

God bless this ministry and all that God is doing there. It is a great joy and blessing to have these studies.

Thank you very much for your faithfulness. You're a blessing to me and the men here. We are all blessed because of you and the Middletown Bible Church. God bless ya.

I'm really enjoying your lessons...These lessons have helped me to better understand who God is and what my purpose in life is. Thank you so much for guiding me with truth.

I want to thank you for responding and for sending my new lessons (New Believers). I'm really learning a great deal. But more importantly I'm building a great and much stronger relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. It's amazing. I look forward to my next lesson, and again thank you for all your hard work. It's truly a blessing!

Thank you for the encouraging words. Had it not been for your educational and inspirational studies, I wouldn't have the knowledge and understanding of God's Word that I do. God bless you for all your tolerance and love.

I enjoy your lessons so much that when I get them, I usually sit right down and do them! Thank you.

The more I read the Word of God, the more I understand and the more His Spirit speaks to me. I'm comprehending things I haven't in the past because of these Bible studies. I thank you for the work you're doing. It truly is nourishment for my soul. May God bless you and your ministry.

I wanted to thank you for your studies. They have been very, very helpful in my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. It has taught me and opened my eyes.

One inmate in California has been studying our PROPHECY notes and then he teaches the lessons to a group of men. He leads his own Bible study using our studies.

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! What a great study (on Dispensations)! I thank God for MBC. Thank God for you've been helping me to see the differences in the judgments. I hope to visit some day.

It is so awesome how much I've lacked in my walk in Christ and these lessons (on Spiritual Life) are helping me to understand the new me in Christ Jesus.

This has been quite the journey. I came to prison in 2007 and knew only the few Catholic Scriptures (Gospels used at Mass). I was baptized in my local Idaho church and have made the largest turnaround in history. I remember your studies and how much I have learned. You always had a Scripture for me and positive words. And you took the time to write a letter of reference for me. Thank you all. God bless you; He has already blessed me. [written by a lady in CA who has done more lessons than any other prisoner. She has literally done thousands of pages of Bible study worksheets]

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