Majestic Mountains of Sacred Scripture


by Dr. Manfred Kober

Mountains and hills of Bible lands were much in the thoughts of Biblical writers. Numerous mountains play a significant part in the Biblical events, beginning with Mt. Ararat and concluding with the return of the Lord to the Mt. of Olives before the Millennial Kingdom.  At that time, Jerusalem will be placed prominently at the top of the mountains (Mic. 4:2). In fact, the entire Millennium is likened to a mountain as Christ, the Rock of Ages, fills the whole earth with His greatness and majesty. Mountains stand for strength and steadfastness.  A study of major mountains of the Bible affords a new perspective on God's dealings with mankind, as we look at the topographical and geographical details intimately connected with the great works of God.




Cover and Table of Contents and Map



Mt. Ararat - Its Magnificence and Mystery


Mt. Moriah - God's Ultimate Test of Obedience for Abraham


Mt. Sinai - Terror, Trumpets, Trembling and Tablets


Mt. Nebo - Moses' Rehearsal of Divine Wonders and Warnings


Mt. Carmel - Elijah's Victory Over 850 Theologians


Mt. Gerizim - A Woman, a Well and True Worship


Mt. of Beatitudes - The Most Misunderstood Message from the Lips of Our Lord


Mt. Hermon - Startling Witnesses to the Messiah and His Kingdom


Mt. Seir - Security Despite the Schemes of Satan and the Son of Perdition


Mt. of Olives - The Scene of the Climax of World History



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