The Entrance into the Promised Land


Israel's entrance into the promised land was an important event which still affects our world and the news we hear every day. Even today there is a small country named "Israel" living in that land!

With great power, the LORD brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, as we learned in the last lesson. Why did God do this? Why did God bring them out? What did God want to do for these people after the Exodus?

Consider Deuteronomy 4:37-38: "And because He (the LORD) loved  thy fathers, therefore He chose their seed after them, and _________________ thee __________ in His sight with His mighty power ________ ______ Egypt; to drive out nations from before thee greater and mightier than thou art,  ______    _____________    _______    ______, to _____________ thee their land for an inheritance." God BROUGHT THEM OUT so that He could BRING THEM IN! God had something wonderful for them. God wanted to give them the land. The LORD says the same thing in Deuteronomy chapter 6. In verse 21 we learn that the LORD brought the children of Israel _______ _______ Egypt. Why did God bring them out? Look at verse 23: "And He brought us out from thence, that He might ____________   ______ ______, to _____________ us the land which He sware (promised) unto our fathers." God brought them out that He might bring them in! The GOING OUT is only step number 1. Godís purpose is not complete until there is step number 2: COMING IN. Coming out of Egypt is not enough! There must also be a coming into the promised land.

The children of Israel followed step number 1 but they failed to follow step number 2. Because of UNBELIEF most of the adults who came out of Egypt (except for two men) failed to enter into the promised land (see Hebrews 3:19). This land which God promised to give to the Israelites was a "G__________ land" (Exodus 3:8), "a land flowing with _____________ and ______________" (Exodus 3:8). This good and fertile land is described in Deuteronomy 11:9-12.

After the Israelites came out of Egypt, they sent out spies to search out the land which God had promised them to see if all the good things they had heard about the land were really true. Check those statements that correctly show what they found (see Numbers 13:21-29, 32-33):


They found a barren desert.


They found a fertile land with grapes and figs and other fruits.


They found a land flowing with milk and honey.


They found no enemies in the land, only some peace-loving shepherds.


They found cities surrounded by large protective walls.


They found that the land was occupied by people who were very friendly and who would gladly give them the land.


They found that the land was occupied by the Hittites, the Jebusites, the Amorites and other heathen people.


They found great giants in the land.

The Israelites liked the land but they did not like the people who lived on the land! They were terrified by these people and they did not believe that God could give them victory. In their unbelief they mistakenly thought that God brought them out of Egypt so that they would go into the land and be killed (Numbers 14:3). They wanted to go back to Egypt (Numbers 14:4). Only two of the 12 spies (Joshua and Caleb) believed that God could bring them safely into the promised land (Numbers 14:6-8). Because of this sin of unbelief, how did God judge the people of Israel (Numbers 14:26-35)?

The older generation of unbelieving Israelites died in the desert wilderness over a period of forty years.  They were not allowed to enter the promised land because they did not believe God.  The younger generation (and also Caleb and Joshua) did enter the promised land under the leadership of Moses' successor, Joshua.  We learn about this in the book of Joshua.  The children of Israel (probably more than two million of them) crossed over the Jordan River at flood season, a miracle in some ways similar to the miracle that happened at the Red Sea forty years earlier (see Joshua chapter 3).

The promised land is also called the land of Canaan or the land of Palestine.  In Genesis 15:18 God had promised to give Abraham and his descendants a certain section of land. God will keep His promise.  In the coming kingdom, when Christ rules over all the earth for a thousand years, Israel will finally take possession of all of the promised land.

In the days of Joshua, the land of Palestine was a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey.  There were fruitful crops and prosperous cities.  However, there were enemies in that land, including some warriors who were giants (similar to Goliath).  However, even giants are no match for God!  Remember, God is greater than any problem we have!

Please answer TRUE or FALSE:


God brought the Israelites out of Egypt so that they might go into the promised land and be killed by enemy peoples.


God brought them out of Egypt so that they might go back into Egypt.


God brought them out of Egypt so that they might die in the desert wilderness because of their wicked unbelief.


God brought them out of Egypt so that He might bring them into the promised land.

Following the 40 years in the desert wilderness (Numbers 14:32-34), the children of Israel entered the promised land under the leadership of Joshua, and God gave them great victories and enabled them to defeat their enemies and settle in the land. Which book in the Bible describes the conquering of the promised land by the Israelites? __________________  Hint:  It is after Deuteronomy and right before Judges.

When God saved you, He brought you out so that He might bring you in! Consider the following words and phrases. If the word or phrase describes something which God has brought you out of, write OUT OF. If the word or phrase describes something which God has brought you into, write INTO. The first two are done for you:


death (John 5:24)


life (John 5:24)


darkness (1 Peter 2:9)


light (1 Peter 2:9)


kingdom of Godís Son (Colossians 1:13)


power of darkness (Colossians 1:13)


wealth (2 Corinthians 8:9)


poverty (2 Corinthians 8:9)


a life of slavery to sin (Romans 6:17-18)


a life of service to God (Romans 6:22)


day (1 Thessalonians 5:5)


night (1 Thessalonians 5:5)


bondage (Galatians 5:1)


freedom (Galatians 5:1)


health (Luke 5:30-32)


sickness (Luke 5:30-32)

God has something good and wonderful for the believer. The Lord has GIVEN certain things to every child of God and He wants us to possess our possessions! What are some of the things that God has given to the believer that He wants us to possess and enjoy?


John 14:27



Matthew 11:28



John 15:11

J ______________


2 Timothy 2:7



James 1:5



1 Corinthians 1:4

G ______________


1 Corinthians 15:57


And finally Romans 8:32 and 2 Peter 1:3:

A _______   T ______________

God has given us so much! How sad that believers often fail to ENTER IN to all that God has for them. Do you know of believers (including yourself if you are saved) who do not have all that they could have and all that they should have and all that God wants them to have? God wants to BRING US IN to the full enjoyment of His wonderful life. May we not let the enemies (the world, the flesh and the devil) keep us from possessing our possessions.

(Joshua 14, especially verse 12)

The challenge now is here Ė What cause is there to fear?
I will follow to the place where God has called.
And though the task ahead is great, there is no need to wait;
God's command is "conquer cities fenced and walled."

This mountain I shall own, But not for me alone Ė
For my children I shall claim this promised land.
Because the Word of God is sure, The future is secure;
All the power we need is in Godís mighty hand.

Take courage and be strong Ė We'll sing the victor's song,
All the blessings God has promised we may claim.
So let us hasten to obey, Our Saviour leads the way;
He will help us win the battle for His name.


Give me this mountain, give me this mountain;
To the land where giants grow
Thatís the place I want to go
Give me this mountain, this very mountain,
I shall conquer in the power of the Lord!

Ė Frank Garlock

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