Manís Great Wickedness and Godís Great Flood



Long ago God sent a great flood because of man's great wickedness.  As we learned in the last chapter, the problem of sin began with Adam.

Sin began with Adam; Adamís children continued to sin. They sinned more and more; they fell deeper and deeper into sin.  Spiritually and morally they went down and down; they sank lower and lower into the depths of wickedness.  They were slaves.  They were bound and chained by sin!

In Genesis 6:5 we learn that "GOD saw that the _______________ of man was _____________ in the earth." As we look at our world today, do we see the world filled with manís goodness (peace on earth, no wars, righteous rulers, everyone loving his neighbor, etc.) or do we see the world filled with manís wickedness? Genesis chapter 6 describes what the world was like in the days of Noah who lived thousands of years before Christ (B.C.). In Matthew 24:37 Jesus said,

Matthew 24:37 explains that the days before the second coming of Christ are in many ways similar to the days before the great flood which came during Noahís life. What were the days of Noah like (before the flood) and how does that time help me to understand the day in which I live in 20_____ ?

Manís Great Wickedness

Evil Thoughts

God knows the thoughts which come from manís heart and mind. In Genesis 6:5, God saw "that every imagination of the ______________ of his heart was only __________ continually."

Manís thoughts were (circle the correct answer):

a. mostly evil
b. mostly good
c. half evil and half good
d. nothing but evil
e. nothing but good

How often did man think this way?

a. one hour each day
b. half of the day
c. always (all the day long)
d. seldom
e. once in a while (sometimes)

The word "imagination" means "that which is formed in a manís mind, a thought, purpose, desire." It is closely related to the word "formed" found in Genesis 2:7.   "God ______________ man" (Genesis 2:7) but man sinned (Genesis 3:6), and sinful men formed sinful thoughts (Genesis 6:5).  Men have been forming evil thoughts ever since. According to Mark 7:21, what did Jesus say was the first thing coming out of the evil heart of men? __________   _________________

Evil thoughts then lead to evil deeds! Sin always begins in the mind. For example, think of a person robbing a bank. What do you suppose went through this personís mind before he ever committed this crime? Consider a person who cheats on a test in school (by looking at the answers of the person sitting next to him). What do you suppose went through his mind before he did this?

How old does a person need to be before he can begin to form evil thoughts in his mind? In Genesis 8:21 we read, "for the imagination of manís heart is ___________ from his _____________." If you are old enough to read these worksheets, then you are old enough to form evil thoughts!

Are men and women today similar to those men and women described in Genesis 6:5? Do people today think about things that are true and honest and just and pure and lovely and good and virtuous (see Philippians 4:8)? What does graffiti (that which is written or drawn on rocks, walls, bathroom walls and doors, etc.) reveal about the thoughts of modern man? Consider the language that comes out of peopleís mouths. Does this teach us something about the thoughts coming out of their hearts?

Jesus said, "an evil man out of the ___________ treasure (of the heart) bringeth forth ___________ things" (Matthew 12:35). He also said, "out of the abundance of the ______________ the mouth _____________ (Matthew 12:34). In other words, the words we speak reveal what our heart is like and what our thoughts are like. When a person swears or tells dirty jokes or uses filthy language, he is letting everyone see what his heart is like! (Someone once said to a man who was letting "garbage" flow out of his mouth, "Excuse me, Sir, but your heart is showing!") Our words are merely the outward expression of the thoughts of our heart. You canít say something unless you first think it!   We need to give very careful thought to what we are about to say.  We are to be "slow to S________________" (James 1:19).

Terrible Corruption

In the days of Noah, the earth was _______________ before God (Genesis 6:11), "and God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was __________________, for all flesh had ____________________ his (its) way upon the earth" (Genesis 6:12). Yes, man was totally corrupt (ruined, spoiled) before God.   Man corrupted his way upon the earth because he rejected God and decided he would go his own way.   Write out the words of Isaiah 53:6--

Write out the words of Proverbs 14:12--

Because of manís sinful corruption, God said, "I will _______________ them with the earth" (Genesis 6:13). This word "destroy" is the same word (in the Hebrew language) as the word "corrupt" in verses 11 and 12. In other words, God was saying, "Because they ruined themselves in sin, I am going to ruin them in judgment!"

Suppose you had baked a delicious cake. The cake then sat around for over a week and became moldy. It was corrupt and ruined! You would probably need to ruin it some more by throwing it away! God made man, but man became corrupt, and thus God had to send a flood to rid the earth of the corruption.

Violence Everywhere

Read Genesis 6:11,13. In the days of Noah, what was the earth filled with? ___________ The word "violence" means "using physical force so as to injure or abuse" and thus it refers to "rough or harmful action or treatment." Can you think of examples of violence in our world today (especially in light of what you hear on the news and read in the paper)?

Godís Great Flood

Godís Sorrow and Grief

In Genesis 6:6 we read that "it repented the LORD (He was sorry and regretful) that He had made man on the earth, and it ________________ Him at His heart." Sin grieves God, the One who has made us. As God looks at men and women today, and as He sees and knows the thoughts of their hearts (see 1 Chronicles 28:9), is He pleased or is He grieved? __________________________

Godís Universal Judgment

Because of manís wicked sin, God said, "I will ______________ man whom I have created from the face of the earth" (Genesis 6:7).  This word "destroy" means to "wipe out, blot out, or exterminate." Suppose you found your house infested with bees or termites. If you called an exterminator, would he kill some of the insects and leave others alive, or would he try to get rid of them completely? _____________________________________________ Would God leave any wicked men on the face of the earth? _____ Did the great flood cover the entire world or did it cover only part of the earth (Genesis 7:19)? _______________________________________  How many people survived (1 Peter 3:20)? _________________

Godís Great Grace

In Genesis Chapter 6 we read about the darkness of sin that covered the earth in the days of Noah. However, in the middle of that darkness there was a light: "But Noah found _____________ in the eyes of the LORD" (Genesis 6:8 and see verse 9). God was gracious to an individual by the name of Noah.

What about today? Do we live in a dark and sinful world (Philippians 2:15)? ______ In the middle of this darkness, are there lights (Philippians 2:15)? _________ Are there individuals living today who have found grace in the eyes of the Lord? _______ Have you tasted that the Lord is gracious (compare 1 Peter 2:3)? Have you believed that God judged your sins when Christ the Saviour died on the cross? Has God saved you? Are you sure? Have you gone through The Door (John 10:9)? ____

One door and only one,
And yet the sides are two,
Inside or outside,
On which side are you?


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