The Day God Saved Your Soul

"O what a wonderful, wonderful day,
Day I will never forget;
After Iíd wandered in darkness away.
Jesus my Saviour I met.

Born of the Spirit with life from above
Into Godís family divine;
Justified fully through Calvaryís love,
O what a standing is mine!

And the transaction so quickly was made,
When as a sinner I came.
Took of the offer of grace He did proffer,
He saved me,  O praise His dear Name!"

--John W. Peterson

We have been studying the great events of history and we have seen that we are surrounded within and without by the results of these world-changing events. We have seen the problem caused by sinful and stubborn men, resulting in slavery and defeat. We have seen the solution found in a good and gracious Saviour, who can set a person free and give him victory. We must each ask ourselves the question, "Am I part of the problem or am I trusting in the God who is the solution?"

As you think about your life, what was the greatest event which ever happened to you? What would you say is the most important day in a personís life (circle the most important day):


the day he is born


the day he learns to walk


the day he learns to talk


the day he goes to school


the day he graduates from high school


the day he helps to lead his team to the championship


the day he graduates from college


the day he gets married


the day he has his first child


the day he becomes President of his company


the day he earns a million dollars


the day he retires


the day he recovers from a serious operation


the day he receives Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord


the day he dies

Why is this the most important day? ___________________________________________________

Did God save your soul? Many people go through life having experienced a day of birth, a day of graduation, a day of marriage and a day of death, but they have never experienced a day of salvation, and because of this they must face a terrible day of J____________________ (2 Peter 3:7).  If a person does not receive Christ as his Saviour, then someday he must face Christ as his Judge.

In John chapter 9 Jesus gave sight to a man who had been blind from birth (see John 9:1,6-7). Certainly this was an event in this manís life which he never forgot! He was able to say, "One thing I know, that, whereas I was ____________, now I _______" (John 9:25). If God has saved your soul, are you able to say the same thing (see Acts 26:17-18)? _______

In John chapter 11, Jesus gave life to a man who had died (see John 11:43-44). Certainly Lazarus always remembered this great day when he was raised from the dead! If God has saved your soul, can you say, "Once I was dead but God has given me life" (see Ephesians 2:1,5; 1 John 3:14)? ________

In John chapter 5, Jesus healed a man who had been sick with an infirmity for 38 years (see John 5:5-9). Certainly this man never forgot the day he met Jesus! If God has saved your soul, are you able to say, "Once I was sick with sin, but the Great Physician healed me" (see Luke 5:30-32; 1 Peter 2:24)? _______

Is it necessary for a person to remember the exact day when he was saved? Some people do remember the very day when they came to Christ. Zacchaeus never forgot the day Jesus said to him, "This __________ is ______________________ come to this house" (Luke 19:9). The criminal who was crucified with Jesus knew that God saved his soul on his dying day. The Lord said to him, "T_______________ shalt thou be with me in paradise" (Luke 23:43). The Philippian jailer did not forget the night he was saved (Acts 16:30-34) and the Samaritan woman long remembered the day she met the Lord (John chapter 4). And yet, some people are not able to remember the exact day on which they were saved. They know they are saved, but they are not sure exactly when this took place.

When you were born into this world, you received physical life and you became a member of your physical family. When you were born again (John 3:3,7), you received eternal life (Godís life) and you became a member of Godís family.

To the tune of the "Happy Birthday" song:

Happy Birthday to You,
Just one will not do.
Born again means salvation.
How many have you?

Do you remember the exact day you were born into this world (into your human family)? You might say, "Of course, I was born on __________________________" (your date of birth).  Actually, you do not remember the date of your birth. The only reason you know the date of your birth is because your parents told you or because you looked at your birth certificate.

Suppose your birth certificate had been lost and your parents had never told you when you were born. Would you know the exact day of your birth? ________ Even though you would not know the day of your birth, would you know that you were really born? ______ How would you know this? You could say, "Iím not sure exactly when I was born, but I know that I'm alive!" How do you know you are alive? "Because right now I am breathing, my heart is thumping, my body is moving and I have all the signs of physical life!"

What are some of the signs indicating that you are alive spiritually?

1) 1 John 3:14 Ė Because I _________________________________________

2) 1 John 2:3 Ė Because I __________________________________________

3) 1 Peter 2:2 Ė Because I _________________________________________

Can you think of other signs of spiritual life?

Therefore, some people are able to say, "Iím not sure when I was saved, but I know I was born again and I know I have eternal life (1 John 5:13).  I know that I am saved and I am trusting in Jesus Christ right now!"

Do you know that you are alive right now (physically and spiritually)? If you are alive, then you must have been born! Just because you do not have your birth certificate does not change the fact that you were born!

What are some of the things that happened to you the day God saved your soul?

  1. John 5:24
  2. John 1:12 _________________________________________________________________
  3. 2 Corinthians 5:17 __________________________________________________________
  4. John 8:36; Romans 6:18,22 __________________________________________________
  5. Acts 10:43 ________________________________________________________________
                         ("remission" means forgiveness)

Can you think of other things that happened to you the day God saved your soul?




If God has saved your soul, read 2 Corinthians 9:15 and Hebrews 10:39.

If you have never come to Christ so that He could save your soul, read 2 Corinthians 6:2. When should your day of salvation be? _______  Why is it dangerous to delay?


This concludes this set of notes on Great Events that Changed Our World.  May the Lord encourage you to look unto Him in these challenging days. Only He can take all the pieces of your life and make them fit together. Remember, you can't work out your life, but He can!  Trust Him.  Proverbs 3:5-6.

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