Correspondence Bible Study Course


The Middletown Bible Church offers a Correspondence Bible Study Course for any person who is interested.  The subjects covered include the following:  the sinfulness of man, the work of Christ, God's way of salvation, the inspiration of the Scriptures, faith, redemption, justification, sanctification, holy living, eternal security, assurance of salvation, and many other topics.  It is titled, "Basic Doctrinal Worksheets for Believers."

If you enroll in this course, you will receive Bible study worksheets in six installments (the entire course is 100 pages).  You will need a Bible as  your only textbook (KJV version is recommended).   The purpose of the course is to help you to go to the Scriptures and see exactly what the Bible teaches. 

After you complete the first lesson you will mail it back to us for correction in a stamped envelope that will be provided for you.   After it is corrected, it will be returned to you along with the next lesson.  After you have finished all 100 pages (6 lessons), then you will receive a certificate, and an additional Bible study course will be sent to you (a 138 page study on the Gospel of John, in four installments).

To enroll, you merely need to do the following:

Put a check in the mail for the amount of $22.00 payable to The Middletown Bible Church.  This will cover the cost of postage, envelopes, etc for the entire course.   We are not making a profit.   On the memo line of your check write "Correspondence Course."  Mail to:

George Zeller
Middletown Bible Church
349 East St.
Middletown, CT 06457

Make sure your address is clearly written on the envelope.

[Sorry, but this offer is only for those living in the United States.  Shipping these lessons overseas is very expensive.]

Please note that this Bible Study Course is available on our website and anyone can desires to work on these studies on their own.  To see this course, click here.    But if you desire your lessons to be personally corrected, you would need to enroll.  If you have any questions, please Contact Us.


The Middletown Bible Church
349 East Street
Middletown, CT 06457
(860) 346-0907

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